Annika Daley / Robin Rosenblatt / Doug and Rene' Brecto / Doug Brecto on Marriage

Annika Daley, Annika Ministries International, Ministering to Victims of Abuse, Women & Men - The Power of Forgiveness / Robin Rosenblatt, Project Longhorn, Improving the Cattle Industry and Meat Production for Israel / Doug and Rene' Brecto - Choosing to Exhibit the Fruit of the Holy Spirit as Rene' Endures Multiple Sclerosis (God's Definition of Love and His Intention for Marriage) / Doug Brecto on Marriage (CD)

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Monday - Obama: Most liberal President in US history; Mr. Lawlessness; Jihadist Muslim and Chief; He sides with Iranian leaders; Meddling in politics of other nations; Indicted in Egypt for war crimes in overthrow of Mubarak; Apparent loyalty with Sunni Islam.

Tuesday - Muhammad: 7th century mad man; demon possessed – Obama denies US ever at war with Islam yet Thomas Jefferson initiated Barbary Coast War – Pentagon report: Islam, religion of war – US founded on Jesus – US historical criminal penalties for sodomy.

Wednesday - Dr. Hansen’s article: Toothless Eunuchs – Purpose of God through the church is to reveal His glory throughout all the earth – Enemies of God seek to destroy the church; making laws to persecute believers – Cannot portray Jesus in one’s own image.

Thursday - Rick Warren: a part of UN faith movement – Pope using vanity of visiting Pentecostal leaders to retake ground lost since Protestant reformation – Pope Frances, 1st Jesuit Pope - Abraham Lincoln called Jesuits assassins – Sodomy must be called sin.

Friday - The judgment of God is the love of God to stop persecution by evil men – God’s city, Jerusalem, is the problem – Cursed by dividing Jerusalem – Dr. Hansen’s May 24, 2010 prophecy for the Prime Minister of Israel – Dr. Hansen relates details of WWIII.

(60 min.)