Apostle Dennis C. Moore and Rev. Marya Moore, Vision International Support Ministries - "The Lamb of God"

Apostle Dennis C. Moore and Rev. Marya Moore, Vision International Support Ministries - "The Lamb of God" (DVD)

CODE: DVD070813


Dr. Hansen reads scripture that relates conditions to be met by people in order to receive God's protection and blessings - Apostle Dennis shares what the Lord told him was the key message for the end time - Apostle Moore attempts to convey the intensity of the love for God/Jesus in heaven - Apostle Dennis' testimony of his heavenly throne room experience - Dr. Hansen stresses how the saints of God must be so deeply in a loving relationship with the Lord that they would willingly lay down their lives for him - Dr. Hansen warns the church to enter into such a deep relationship with the Lamb of God that they would hear his instruction to prepare for persecution and civil war in America - Rev. Marya Moore explains that fasting is not intended to get God to hear us, but that our carnality would be quieted enough to hear Father's instruction for us - Dr. Hansen elaborates on four points God gave him for Christians to live a life of victory - Apostle Moore explains how a saint's priority should be focused on God's Kingdom and not on false fear of losing our carnal lives - True passionate love for the Heavenly Father will remove all earthly fear - Dr. Hansen warns of billions of people dying worldwide before the battle of Armageddon - Apostle Moore asks, "where is our passion for the Lamb?" - Dr. Hansen's passionate love for the Lord forces him to do what God asks him to do - Rev. Marya Moore's testimony of leaving the Catholic church after her salvation, to attend a Bible school and her cultural Catholic father disowned her for doing so - Rev. Marya's experience of God revealing himself to her as "The Holy Other" during time of trial - a wife will submit to a husband that is loving her - Dr. Hansen asks, "how much blood is going to be shed in America before a true repentant cry to the Lord is given?" - If we behold the Lamb of God it will empower us to move into the victorious way of God - Photos of: Dr. Hansen with Apostle Dennis and Rev. Marya Moore in Kenya; Dr. Hansen ministering in Liberia, Ghana, Burundi, Rwanda, Guyana, Jamaica, and Jericho, P.A. - News articles of: Russia Delivers New Al-Qaida Warning to U.S.; Terrorist Super-Axis To Strike Within U.S.

(30 min.)