Bree Keyton; Missionary to the Pygmies of Democratic Republic of Congo & Prosper Ndabishuriye August 2011 - Burundi - Radio Studio - Leadership (CD)

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Dr. Hansen's prophecy for Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), formerly Zaire - Two-thirds of Pygmies have been killed in DRC - Bree has led 47,000 Pygmies to salvation in Jesus - Bree Keyton leads Pygmies to Jesus, provides clothing, machetes, and salt soccer balls, purchases land, builds houses and churches, and educates Pygmies in the Bible - Rebels of DRC were once in Rwanda and are responsible for the slaughter there - Pygmies are the most hated people in Africa - Bree Keyton reports being attacked by rebel soldiers while in the jungles - African Christians calling Pygmies animals and told them to leave revival meetings - The Church must put aside their racism and treat all people as brothers and sisters. Bree Keyton ministering to Pygmies in DRC - Those operating with a true apostolic/prophetic mantle are now moving in the spirit of Elijah - Romans 13:12, the Church is supposed to be radiating the light of the Lord to the world - Bree gives testimony of angels that surround her - Bree Keyton states that Africans know that when you get a tattoo, you are making a covenant with a demon - Tattooed Africans have had tattoos fall off when they received Jesus - Guillotines in America (Georgia 1995/96 HB 1274 - Death Penalty) - The time is now for the power gifts of God in America - Bree interviews Pygmy tribal chiefs who are excited to live for Jesus and want to share Jesus with more Pygmies - Pygmy chief tells how other Africans want to kill the Pygmies.

(60 min.)