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Burundi - Prosper Ndabishuriye - The Hope Project: Friends and Friends of Friends (DVD)

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Dr. Hansen's March 1998 prophecy to Burundi - The only hope for any nation is that it is led by truly Christian leaders; The President, the Parliament and Church leaders, etc. - Dr. Hansen was invited by Burundi's Christian President to come back and lead his nation to Jesus Christ - YRWD (Youth in Reconstruction of a World in Destruction) has built 3, 211 homes for widows, orphans and needy families for $1,000 each - 11% of Burundi's population are orphans - YRWD is building an orphanage/school project that will house 160 orphans and educate 800 students - The Tutsis, Hutus and Pygmies of Burundi are living in peace together today - 95% of Burundians live by agriculture and there had been death due to lack of rain - Burundi willing to give up international aid if forced to accept homosexuality and abortion.

Video roll-in: The Hope Project: Friends and Friends of Friends - Photos of Dr. Hansen with Burundi Ambassador to the UN; Dr. Hansen and President Nkurunziza of Burundi; YRWD projects of rice fields for widows, goat project, bedding for the needy, Church leader workshops, promoting peace and reconciliation through music, building a church; examples of huts poor Burundians lived in; Prosper Ndabishuriye with President Nkurunziza of Burundi; Bishop Desmond Tutu - News articles of: Burundi's born-again ex-rebel leader; Obama and UN pushing abortion and homosexuality; UN adopting Islamic scheme on religious tolerance; Bishop Desmond Tutu's own words condoning homosexuality; Burundi's thirteen year civil war; European court rules Irish abortion ban violates women's rights; Obama White House influencing Kenya Parliament to add abortion and Islamic law to their constitution with $23 Million.

(30 min.)