November 2014 Israel Mission Trip (DVD)

CODE: DVD122614

Guests: Rev. Dr. E.J. Buckardt and Dr. Michael Hyodo - Dr. Hansen reads a portion of a chronological listing of terror attacks against Israel since... More


CODE: DVD090804

This excellent program is reaching out to battered women and children on a local level. (30 min.)

2014 Introduction to World Ministries International (DVD)

CODE: DVD112814

Christians and Christianity are under more severe attack than ever before in history.  Speaking the truth about Islam, homosexuality and abortion... More

Dr. Hansen with Rabbi Shmuel Stren in Jerusalem, Israel (DVD)

CODE: DVD030615

Dr. Hansen was met at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport at 2:20 AM by a scribe who anointed his head with oil and prayed a blessing upon him (video) -... More

David Rotem - Knesset Member of Yisrael Beiteinu and Chair of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus is Interviewed in His Office in Jerusalem, Israel (DVD)

CODE: DVD120514

Biblical names for Jerusalem - Dr. Hansen's interview with David Rotem postponed a day because of the Nov. 18, 2014 terror attack on a Jerusalem... More

Elijah (pseudo name) Escaped from Romania - Former Romanian-born Jew and military Lt. in espionage - Ingenious Research President Sam Tanner and CEO Jim Bischofberger (via Skype from Romania) - Ex-Mafia, Now International Evangelist, Capt. Milton Alvarez (CD)

CODE: D644




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Pastor Nichad Salman, Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Bethlehem, Palestinian Authorities - The Need for a Medical Facility within Bethlehem / Avi Amzalag, General Manager, ARA Agricultural Industries, Ltd. and his wife Miriam - Growing Vegatables in the Negev Desert / Raising Partners for a Dental Clinic in Sderot, Israel with Peggy Magnuson (CD)

CODE: D641

(60 min.)  
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Dr. Jeannie Hansen - "Prayer is God's Gift and Invitation to Intimacy with His Children"

CODE: D679

Jeannie shares a testimony of how God delivered her from a physical attack on her health - God delights in our communication with Him and we can do so... More

Bree Keyton, Bree Keyton Ministries, Saving the Pygmies of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

CODE: D711


Dr. Jeannie Hansen - "Don't Give Up" / Dr. Jonathan Hansen - "But God"

CODE: D678

Dr. Jeannie Hansen - "Don't Give Up": God has an individual plan for each one of us - God saved man kind and all of creation through Noah -... More

Cannibalism of the Pygmies and the Scourge of Bitterness - Dr. Bree Keyton

CODE: DVD122515

Dr. Keyton shares how she has led nearly 70,000 Pygmies to Salvation in Jesus - It used to be just the Joseph Kony rebels on the D.R.C. that would hunt... More

Jeannie Hansen - "Jacob, a Chosen Vessel"

CODE: D681

Jeannie shares how God prepared the groundwork for her sharing this message - Jacob did not start out as a man of faith who had to develop his own faith... More

Marty McClendon, 2016 Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, WA State, Republican - General Election

CODE: D685

Our Freedom is at Stake (We are supposed to elect righteous leaders to bring God's blessings to our land and to prevent persecution of the Church and... More

Dr. Jeannie Hansen - "Divine Encounters Along Life's Journey - The Road to Emmaus"

CODE: D677

Jeannie shares the account of Elijah where the Lord instructs him to go to a widow woman for his provision during a time of famine - The widow lived in... More

Dr. Hansen's Benediction and Prayer for the Stanwood, WA Observance of the National Day of Prayer May 5, 2016 - Dr. Jonathan Hansen's Wife, Dr. Jeannie Hansen - "Developing Our Intimacy with God"

CODE: D682

Dr. Hansen's Benediction and Prayer for the Stanwood, WA Observance of the National Day of Prayer May 5, 2016: Dr. Hansen shares how he was told by... More