David Rotem - Knesset Member of Yisrael Beiteinu and Chair of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus is Interviewed in His Office in Jerusalem, Israel

David Rotem - Knesset Member of Yisrael Beiteinu and Chair of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus is Interviewed in His Office in Jerusalem, Israel (DVD)

CODE: DVD120514


Biblical names for Jerusalem - Dr. Hansen's interview with David Rotem postponed a day because of the Nov. 18, 2014 terror attack on a Jerusalem synagogue - Mr. Rotem says that the Palestinian Authority's hatred of the Jews will not succeed in the destruction of Israel - The fight for Israel is a religious war - Knesset Member (KM) Rotem tells how Islam's religious war will not use a nuclear bomb on Israel but against America's New York City and his reasons why - Those who bless Israel will be blessed and those against Israel will be cursed by the Almighty God - Millions of Americans dying in New York is discussed and Dr. Hansen shares about his 9/11 prophecy - Mr. Rotem states, since Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip that Hamas took over and have weekly attacked Israel since doing so - Dr. Hansen shares about his visits and interviews with Sderot war victims with severe dental disease and WMI is working toward placing a dental clinic there - Dr. Hansen states how NWO global elitists and their news agencies are lying about the Middle East conflict for the land of Israel and names CNN - Nations that abide in Judeo-Christian values and beliefs are blessed and prosper - Palestinian Authority is 'throwing away' the Christians of Bethlehem - America used to be greatest nation on earth because of Bible believing Christians throughout government, now the curses of God are coming upon her - News media covering up more than 80 Islamic attacks within America - Yisrael Beiteinu means Israel our home - KM Rotem states that Jews and Christians are from the same tree - Video of: Arial views of Jerusalem; Severe dental needs of some war victims in Sderot, Israel; Israeli workers cleaning the Nov. 18, 2014 terror attack scene within a Jerusalem synagogue.

Photos of: Dr. Hansen with Deputy Knesset Speaker Danny Danon; The Nov. 18, 2014 terror attack at a Jerusalem synagogue; Dr. Hansen's 9/11 Prophecy; Dr. Hansen in TV interview behind police station in Sderot; Hamas-fired rocket damage in Sderot; Dr. Hansen with the Assistant Mayor and Vice-Mayor of Sderot; Dr. Hansen with political leaders of various nations.

News articles: Radical Islam, The Monster in the Room; Impeachment suggested to remove 'threats' to America; Obama confronting Israel to appease Arab world?; Obama law tab up to $1.7 million; "Islam is not a religion, it is a social, political system that uses a deity to advance its agenda of global conquest"; Four killed, others hurt in terror attack at Jerusalem synagogue; Israel Shaken by 5 Deaths in Synagogue Assault; Iran plans to knock out U.S. with 1 nuclear bomb; Obama accused of creating 'constitutional crisis'; Arpaio takes Obama's executive order to court; Bill Clinton, Iran Poses 'Suitcase Nuke' Threat; Letters say atom bombs hidden around U.S.; Rabbis to EU Ambassador, Torah Doesn't Allow Giving Up Land; 'The Gaza Strip has Fallen'; Hamas tells Arabs, Genocide of Jews still on; Gazan crowd chants 'Death to America,' 'Death to Israel'; From London to Ramallah, The Bloody Hands of Islam; Indonesia Frees Muslim Terrorist Who Beheaded 3 Christian Girls as "Ramadan Present"; Palestinian Government Calls for War in Jerusalem; Palestinian Leader, 'Kill every American and Jew'; Scholar, Quran says Israel belongs to Jews; Stocks Rocked And Rolled On Economic Uncertainty And Ebola Fears; Obama's Amnesty Will Add As Many Foreign Workers As New Jobs Since 2009; Professor Patricia Ward Identified As New York Woman Allegedly Beheaded By Son; Obama Official Praises Mosque Of Oklahoma Beheader Alton Nolan; Muslim Writer, Jerusalem Not Sacred

(30 min.)