Dr. Flo Ellers' Book "Chief Walking Tall" - A Tlingit Indian from Klawock, Alaska with a Revival Message for All the Native American Tribes

Dr. Flo Ellers' Book "Chief Walking Tall" - A Tlingit Indian from Klawock, Alaska with a Revival Message for All the Native American Tribes (DVD)

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Dr. Hansen reads an excerpt from the foreword that he wrote for Flo Ellers' book "Chief Walking Tall" - Flo's book exposes how native Americans and all people groups endure the same mental, emotional, spiritual and physical problems - This book offers a glimpse for all people groups who have been victimized of what they have to cope with because of the exploitations of others - "Chief Walking Tall" also tells how her tribe were animists that were led by shaman and witches - Many of her tribe and other peoples around the world have the real power from hell for shape-shifting - Her book explains that all tribes and people groups that dabble with satanic power do so because they either don't know of the love and power of God or are in willing rebellion against His Word - Dr. Hansen also briefly shares about Dr. Ellers' book "Wind that Fans the Flame;" a testimonial of Flo's miraculous deliverance through the powerful love of Jesus - Dr. Hansen and Dr. Ellers discuss the importance of living as kingdom people under God and not tribal/cultural people - Flo gives testimony of not being aware of the danger/bondage of the cultural way of life she was raised in before her conversion to Christianity (God had her destroy and burn every graven image that He identified to her in her house. When she did she received marvelous freedom from spiritual bondage) - Dr. Ellers briefly shares how hearing the truth of how Jesus doesn't condemn us, but seeks to set us free brought her into wonderful relationship with the Lord - A nurse singing about Jesus, while Flo was being treated in the Alaska Psychiatric Institute, brought miraculous deliverance and healing to her - Dr. Ellers leads in prayer for salvation, deliverance and healing - Dr. Hansen exhorts viewers that they can move with the power of God to people and nations - Being too proud of ones own race/tribe/culture can lead to being judged with the sin of that group - Dr. Ellers shares her belief in a powerful nationwide revival among native American peoples - Dr. Ellers and Dr. Hansen speak of the devil's mutilations and how it has become accepted in western culture - A Nigerian witch loses all her teeth for cursing against the Gospel being preached.

Video of Totem poles in Klawock, Alaska.

Photos of different forms of demonic body mutilation, some ethnic and some called cultural body art; tattoos, body piercing, implants and scarification.

(30 min.)