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Dr. Bruce Allen, Still Waters International Ministries (3 DVD Set)



Part 1 - Dr. Allen & Dr. Hansen discuss the reality and give examples of the Supernatural-Miracles-Angels-and being Translated - Dr. Allen discusses how God has given you the opportunity to move in the supernatural - They discuss how your life can become a miracle - Dr. Allen explains the "Promise of the Third Day" based on Biblical history, current events and personal experiences and how to live in the supernatural - Dr. Allen talks about the "Prophetic Promise of the Seventh Day" when every promise of God will be fulfilled and how you can operate powerfully in the supernatural realm - Millions of people today are receiving visitations by Jesus Himself.

Part 2 - Dr. Allen's books: "PROMISE of the Third Day - YOUR DAY OF DESTINY HAS ARRIVED" - "The PROPHETIC PROMISE of the SEVENTH DAY" - Testimonies are to provoke you to a place of passion so you enter into your destiny - Dr. Allen explains why you never seek a visitation from an angel but seek Jesus and the by-product is angelic visitations - Why you shouldn't chase signs and wonders - How you can live a supernatural life with miracles and angelic visitations as the norm - Dr. Allen's personal experience of translation; Edmonds, WA to Spokane, WA - His 2nd testimony of translation; he was translated to Latvia while preaching in Coeur d'Alene, ID (A photograph shows his transparent body while preaching) - Pictures of WMI activities in Kenya - Dr. Allen explains how you can be in 10 different places at one time - Testimonies and pictures of an angel carrying a new heart on a platter and placing it inside a woman and an angel of provision carrying a scroll.

Part 3 - Explanations of "The Promise of the Third Day" and "The Prophetic Promise of the Seventh Day" resulting in the greatest manifestations of the supernatural and end-time harvest the world has ever known - Dr. Hansen gives testimony of a huge angel and 4 other angels in a church service he held in Albuquerque, NM - Dr. Allen was caught up in the third heaven and, in heaven, spoke with his aunt who had died 7 years earlier. She told him that many people are being translated to heaven and then they return to earth to warn the people to be ready for the catching away of the bride. He also saw an angel with a scroll of the resources of heaven. He also saw a little Singaporean girl who had been in one of his meetings. She was translated to heaven. One year later she tells Dr. Allen that she was in heaven and saw him talking in heaven with his aunt - Dr. Hansen tells of how his grandmother died, went to heaven and returned to earth - Dr. Allen shares how an 8-year-old Malaysian boy was translated to the third heaven and what he saw there - Dr. Hansen shares how a Muslim lady was going to drink rat poison to kill herself and Jesus appeared, pushing the poison away.

(3 Video Series) (Total Est. Time: 90 min)