Dr. Hansen Interviews Tom & Deborah Gliebe (FireGate Ministries International) talk about Fiji, Miracles & Salvation (DVD)

CODE: DVD030711


Many scriptures read concerning last days - In the last days our works will be tested by fire - Video of Gliebe's ministering in Votophone National Stadium in Fiji - Deborah's burden of 1 Cor. 3:14 relating to prodigals - Pictures of Dr. Hansen in Jamaica with Prime Minister, Governor General & National Crusade Meetings - Video of Dr. Hansen ministering in 5,000 seat tent in Montego Bay, Jamaica where everyone was healed (deaf man & blind woman healed) - Deborah says that people were being healed as they listened to cell phone calls from people at the crusade meetings - People saw smoke & fire coming out of Dr. Hansen's mouth as he was preaching - Pictures of Dr. Hansen with the President & Vice President of the Republic of Burundi - Deborah tells how their prodigal son heard the audible voice of God and accepted Christ as Savior - Deborah prays for people watching this program against fear, illness, infirmity & the spirit of death in cancer - Video with Salvation call.

(30 min.)