Dr. Hansen is interviewed Live on "Light of the Southwest" television program - God's Learning Channel Oct. 22, 2008 (2 CD Set)



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Part 1 - America & Kenya are in trouble because of media brainwashing - Obama backs Raila Odinga in Kenya - Obama discredits Jesus and the Bible - Obama is a socialist - The gluttonous prosperity heresy of many of today's preachers - The Obama-Odinga connections - Race and the 2008 Presidential election - Devaluing the dollar - America's brainwashing through the liberal media - The need for more TV stations to speak the truth - Prophecy to Kenya - Dr. Hansen's meetings in Kenya May/June 2008 - Kenya's condition after the December 2007 election violence

Part 2 - Nakuru, Kenya Displacement Camp - The Honorable Zack's Funeral - Kenya's National Day of Prayer 2008 - 2006 Kenya Madaraka Day - The need for crusade meetings in Texas and America - Servanthood to our spiritual family around the world - Senator Barak Obama the deceiver - Obama tries to correct Christ's teachings - Oprah's New Age Christ - Leaders of the Born Again Church in Heresy and Sins of Abomination - Hazards of Obama's Presidency - Obama's attack on Americans clinging to their guns and religion - Obama and the DNC admit that Barak is not a native-born American - Obama raised $1M for foreign thug's election.

(2 Part Series) (App. 120 min.)