Dr. Ken Gaub - World Wide Ministries (2 CD Set)



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Part 1 - Russian-German Jew discusses the second coming of Jesus Christ - Suicidal woman telephones Ken Gaub's office but he answers her phone call from a public phone booth in Ohio - God sends an angel to Ken Gaub at 2:00AM to fix his car just off a high mountain highway - God's angels help Dr. Hansen directly to a pastor's house in Zambia, Africa. - Dr. Hansen speaks on the prophecy to America and calls for Church reformation - Dr. Gaub shares his passion to lead people to Christ - Dr. Gaub's book "What's Your Passion? Proven tips for witnessing to anyone, anytime, anywhere" - God blesses because of the habits we have chosen - Dr. Gaub's book "What's Your Passion" can help you to become a soul winner for Jesus.

Part 2 - Millions dying before Jesus returns - Ken Gaub discusses the seven Prime Ministers of Israel he met - He also discusses Muslim suicide bombers - Dr. Gaub leads Wanda Green to Christ, a stewardess who died on flight 93 on 9/11 - God has called Dr. Gaub to lead tours to Israel as ministry - Dr. Gaub has never taken anyone on a tour to Israel that has not come home a Christian - The Church is not in the spiritual battle - There is a difference between Church people and Bible obeying Church people - Dr. Gaub shares about the books he has written.

(2 Part Series) (App. 120 min.)