Dr. Jay Rawlings, Founder/President of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel and Dr. Meridel Rawlings (Founder of Still Small Voice), Founder of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel - Part 1 & 2 (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Dr. Hansen and Dr. Jay discuss how to bring revival to the nations in relationship with Israel - Ezekiel 36 is a compendium of where we are... More

Dr. Hansen Discussses End-Time Prophecies - The Pope - And "Israel Now News" (DVD)

CODE: DVD061915

The Catholic Malachy prophecy predicts that Pope Francis is to be the very last Pope - Kenneth Copeland and other evangelical leaders met with Pope... More

Dr. Hansen and David Rotem, Knesset Member of Yisrael Beiteinu and Chair of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, Discuss How the Security Needs of Israel also Affect the World (DVD)

CODE: DVD022715

The land of Israel belongs to God and is not for any man to divide - Freedom will cease throughout the world if Israel is destroyed - America and Israel... More

David Rotem - Knesset Member of Yisrael Beiteinu and Chair of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus is Interviewed in His Office in Jerusalem, Israel; November & December 2014 (CD)

CODE: D637

Monday - Biblical names for Jerusalem - Dr. Hansen's interview with David Rotem postponed a day because of the Nov. 18, 2014 terror attack on a... More

Servants of the Third Watch (Book)

CODE: B066

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(By Dr. Stan Fleming) A Revelation of the third watch indicates that the Church has entered the long-awaited midnight hour. How do we know this? What... More

Arch Bonnema, Businessman & Economist from Dallas, Texas (2 DVD Set)



Arch shares how the U.S. Government is no longer on a gold standard to back its currency U.S. propping up stock market by printing $85 Billion per month and buying stock - Cyprus stole their citizens' money from their bank accounts to save economy - Mr. Bonnema gives examples of things that can trigger "Black Swan Events" - War on Christianity in America - "Has Noah's Ark Been Found?" - Dr. Hansen and Arch Bonnema discuss the expedition that Arch joined to find Noah's Ark north of Tehran, Iran in 2006 - Arch tells how there have been many expeditions to Mt. Ararat in Turkey to find Noah's Ark; all with no success - Turkey's Mt. Ararat didn't possess its present name until Marco Polo heard from some Armenians in the 13th century that they thought that Noah's Ark was on a particular mountain in Turkey; so he named it Mt. Ararat on his map.

LIVE Radio Interview with Sandy Staab (CD)

CODE: D571

The Economy; The New World Order; Parental Responsibility for Their Children's Morality and Education; NCC Churches/Capitalism v. Marxism - Raising... More

LIVE Radio Interviews with Arch Bonnema, Economist (CD)

CODE: D565


Black Swan Event - Discovering Noah's Ark - NWO - Economic Collapse - Failure of the Church - Headline News - NWO Top Spying Experts Explain Why You Should Oppose It