A Time for War and for Victory Part 2

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Attorney Stephen Pidgeon and Dr. Hansen Discuss the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing/Attack (DVD)

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Mr. Pidgeon relates how America is now under an unrelenting Muslim jihad for overthrow – Attorney Pidgeon tells how the older Tsarnaev brother is portrayed as being radicalized at a mosque in Chechnya and further so by an Imam in Boston; while government officials state they have no record of the brothers ever being there – The pressure cooker bombs aren’t that sophisticated but the detonation device is of Al Qaeda origin – Steve gives a brief summary of how Al Qaeda is Arabic for ‘the list’, which pertains to a list of Muslim mercenaries developed, trained, and funded by U.S. covert-ops (CIA) and included Osama Bin Laden – U.S. deployed Bin Laden in Afghanistan, with other Jihadist groups, to fight the Soviet Union just as the Mujahideen, Osama and his mercenaries were also used to turn Kosovo into an Islamic regime – The U.S. put Saddam Hussein into power and Donald Rumsfeld admitted selling the chemical WMD’s to him. Those same chemical weapons are now in Assad’s possession in Syria with reports of them being used against his own people – U.S. sold 20,000 tons of military arms and munitions to Al-Qaeda to overthrow Libya and some of those arms were used to kill our U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and embassy personnel in Benghazi on 9-11-12 – A large number of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles are unaccounted for and are presumed in the hands of Al-Qaeda jihadists waiting to down commercial flights with them...

Discussing the Allied Nations of WWIII (CD)

CODE: D318

Discussing the nations the bible says will be involved in World War III. (60 min.)

Eschatology - Absolute Truth

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(By Walid Shoebat with Joel Richardson) Ex-Muslim Terrorist writes on Islam prophecy & the Bible.

Illegal Immigration and Racism in America with Mike Siegel Ph.D, J.D., Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host and Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Candidate for WA State Attorney General

CODE: DVD120415

If Jewish and Christian leaders don't put Judeo-Christian values into American society, the nation faces destruction and judgment - The aiding and... More



A look at the Arab mentality and why we see no peace in Israel today. (4 Part Series) (App. 120 min.)

Kaeley Triller, Communications Director, Just Want Privacy Campaign, Why I-1552? - A Spiritual Father Sees You on the Throne

CODE: D702

Kaeley Triller, Communications Director, Just Want Privacy Campaign, Why I-1552? (Initiative 1552, the Dec. 2015 Open Bathroom/locker room rule. People... More

Lawlessness in America's Supreme Court, the Obama Administration and in Congress - Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Candidate for WA State Attorney General and Dr. Michael Hyodo, WMI Benevolence Director

CODE: DVD121815

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan should have recused themselves from any same-sex marriage decision on the grounds for... More

Michael and Daniel Boldea, Hand of Help, Romania: Warning to America - Hand of Help Romania - Discussing America's and Romania's Spiritual Condition - Judgment Coming to America and Why the Church is to Blame

CODE: D680

Michael Boldea, Hand of Help, Romania - Warning to America: Michael is the grandson of Dimitru Duduman - Judgment is coming to America because the Church... More