Freedom Fighter Movie by Majed El Shafie

Freedom Fighter (DVD)

CODE: FF Movie


Freedom Fighter is the story of Majed El Shafie. Born in Egypt to a prominent family, Majed converted from Islam to Christianity, and found his life forever changed. Arrested, tortured and sentenced to die for his new faith, Majed managed to escape to Israel, where he was imprisoned for a year and a half.

Now living in Canada, Majed has formed his own human rights organization One Free World International. Freedom Fighter follows the story of Majed as he travels to Afghanistan and Pakistan seeking out the persecuted, and challenging their governments to change.

On one such trip to Pakistan, Majed meets 4 year old Neha. Raped at the age of 2 by an 18 year old man in attempt to force convert her family from Christianity to Islam, Neha and her family must live in hiding as extremists now want them dead. We follow Majed as he brings her story back to the West, and desperately works to get Neha and her family out of Pakistan.

Through Majed we also explore persecution in Iraq, China and his home country of Egypt. Interviews with victims, activists and politicians, help to tell Majed's story as well as the larger story of persecution taking place around the world.

(85 min.)