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In Your Youth Remember God, Because Death is Certain Part 2 (Take Heed to the Words of the Wise) & Raising Partners for a Dental Clinic in Sderot, Israel (CD)

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Like Solomon, pride prevents us from making good choices and from submitting to authority including God. We never know the day we are going to die so in your youth remember God. How we live now determines our future position in God's Kingdom. What fruit will we have to offer God? What rewards and position in his kingdom will he give us? Right now it might not matter much how we live but it will matter in eternity. Be wise enough to understand, this life comes to an end and you are not always going to have the strength of your youth. What kind of memories are you going to have? Regrets, "I wish I would have..." or are you going to feel satisfied, "I served him with all I had, I'm happy and content."   Not to be ashamed on judgment day.  For Christians God has forgiven our sins, but our choices here on earth will determine how he rewards us and uses us in eternity. Dr. Hansen teaches from the book of Ecclesiastes.

(60 min.)