Rev. Emmit Glanz, Mountain Top Ministries of Puget Sound and Judith Everard / Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, Candidate for Attorney General of Washington State (CD)

CODE: D662

Monday (Rev. Emmit Glanz) - Supreme Court Justice Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage: Dr. Hansen's web site 'Thought for the Week' about the... More

Evangelist/Pastor Paulette Williams, Honolulu, Hawaii - Church Government - Toothless Eunuchs - Dr. Hansen's prophecies for America and Hawaii (DVD)

CODE: DVD071015

Excerpts from Dr. Hansen's newsletter "Toothless Eunuchs" - Leadership in the church is responsible for the conscience of a nation, in... More

Apostle John Kelly, Convener of International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders / Rev. Linda Liberty, Light to the Nations (CD)

CODE: D635

Monday - Guest Apostle John Kelly:  The Church is at War Tuesday - Guest Apostle John Kelly :  The Purpose of... More

Discipling Nations - Basic Foundations for a Very Complex Job (CD)

CODE: D632

Dr. Hansen teaches on: The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  The priority of the King and his Kingdom, the great commission.  Jesus... More

He (The Enemy) is a Liar (CD)

CODE: D618

Part 6 of Dr. Hansen's teaching from the book of Nehmiah. Understand the tactics of the enemy When one strategy Satan uses against... More

The Fruits of a Nation's Sins (CD)

CODE: D617

Part 5 of Dr. Hansen's teaching from the book of Nehmiah.  When the enemy fails in his attacks from the outside, he then attacks from... More

Workers & Warriors / Workers Have to Be Warriors - You Must Be a Warrior (CD)

CODE: D616

Part 4 of Dr. Hansen's teaching from the book of Nehmiah.  Satan wants to use problems to destroy the work of God, but God wants to... More

The Workers on the Wall (CD)

CODE: D614

Part 3 of Dr. Hansen's teaching from the book of Nehemiah. The staff build and defend The staff make or break a ministry/church... More

How to Move Mountains (God's Method is a Man and You Are that Man) (CD)

CODE: D613

Part 2 of Dr. Hansen teaching from the book of Nehemiah. Nobody can replace you (Without you an area of your sphere of influence would never... More