Ron Marlow, Doug Brecto & Rene Brecto

"Living Faith" - Ron Marlow, a dying WMI volunteer staff member that yet portrays the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the character of God & Doug and Rene' Brecto - Multiple Sclerosis - The Promises of God, Divine Healing (CD)

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Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (1st half) -  Dr. Hansen's brief testimony of God miraculously healing him of Pancreatitis, nodules on his lung, possible cancer cyst in his kidney and a swollen liver - We are in a spiritual battle where Satan brings disease upon us, not God - Dr. Hansen's six part CD series "God's Conditions to Appropriate Your Healing" - One can exhibit the character of God, even during adversity, by appropriating the Scriptures - Only Adam was made in the image of God before he fell in sin, everyone else is made in the image of fallen Adam - Ron gives account of the diseases that he has been suffering - Ron testifies of how Dr. Hansen's intercessory prayers have saved his life many times and his gratitude for such - Dr. Hansen relates how Ron has lived his life with the character of Christ - Dr. Hansen repented of his sin in diet and checked his giving as conditions for receiving his healing - Dr. Hansen prayed over the phone with Ron's wife and Ron came out of a coma - Prayer saves a toe from being amputated - Testimony of Dr. Hansen surviving three days with a ruptured appendix - Ron continues to hold on to the hope of healing - The importance of having the Word and the Holy Spirit applied in our lives - Humility brings peace and prosperity; listen to those in authority over you who give instructions of truth.

Wednesday (2nd half), Thursday and Friday - Man is no longer made in the image of God. Since Adam's fall, we are made in the image of fallen Adam. - Doug describes what Multiple Sclerosis (MS) does to the body - Rene' was originally relieved to know that she was afflicted with MS - Rene's diagnosis has led the Brectos to God and His Word for faith - Doug relates the struggle of the day-to-day routine that he and Rene' endure - Dr. Hansen elaborates of his three month fight for life when he succumbed to pancreatitis, a cyst in his kidney, swollen liver and nodules in his lung - Repentance from a poor diet and claiming Scriptural promises for healing saved Dr. Hansen - Doug shares of meeting three people near their home who God has healed of MS - MS sufferer at a conference in New Mexico that was healed ten years ago through Dr. Hansen's prayer - Rene' shares the verse that God gave her as a promise of healing - Doug at times is so exhausted from attending to Rene's needs that he just seeks God's Word as rest - Jeannie Hansen's card and gift of a prayer shawl to Rene' - Dr. Hansen's prayer of faith and anointing with oil for Rene'.

(60 min.)