Bishop Wachira Karani, District Superintendent for Nyeri, Kenya Assemblies of God and Dr. Michael Hyodo, Director of WMI Offices in Kenya - Dr. Hansen's 1992 Prophecy for Kenya is Literally Coming to Pass (DVD)

CODE: DVD070315

Dr. Hansen's 1992 Prophecy for Kenya and its five bullet points of warning - Kenya 2007 Presidential election riots - Many news headlines confirming... More

Kenya Mission Trip Sep. 16 - Oct. 8, 2014 (DVD)

CODE: DVD010215

Guest: Dr. Michael Hyodo - Kenya is on the last point of warning in Dr. Hansen's prophecy to the nation - Kenya is under attack by Islam! - Much of... More

Pastor Tobias Nyamwaya: Building a church in the Satellite Slums of Nairobi, Kenya to stop Islam (DVD)

CODE: DVD071814

The five bullet points of Dr. Hansen's 1992 prophecy for Kenya that he gave to then President of Kenya, Daniel Moi - Pastor Tobias speaks of how he... More

Pastor Tobias Nyamwaya: Raising Support for Satellite Slum Church in Nairobi, Kenya (CD)

CODE: D615

Prophecy to Kenya - Eyes gouged out, bodies hanging from hooks, and fingers removed with pliers - Jihadist Ritual Murder & Mutilation at the Mall -... More
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Kenya May 2012 - Capt. Milton Alvarez Shares His Testimony for WMI's South C Office Staff and the KEGMA Pastoral Leadership Fellowship; Dr. Hansen Speaks for Dr. Joe Kayo at Nairobi City Hall and at KEGMA; Peggy Magnuson Falls in the Deplorable Condtions of Nairobi, Kenya's Makuru Kwa Njenga Slum While Walking to Comido School (DVD)

CODE: DVD110813


Dr. Hansen shares how Dr. Michael Hyodo came to be a Christian through watching the Spirit of God minister through him to a couple that couldn't have children and they had twins - Capt. Alvarez explains how Saul of Tarsus was a Mafia man when God arrested him on the road to Damascus - Milton relates how he was recruited by the New York Gambino family and the CIA at age 15 - Milton always wanted to work in excellence as a badge of honor, like Saul/Paul of Tarsus - Dr. Hansen calls many Kenyan political leaders, as well as world leaders, "dogs" and much of church leadership "hyenas" that rape and feed on the people - Dr. Hansen exhorts that all nations that would be led by a holy and pure church would be blessed - Capt. Alvarez's testimony of ministering to some of the worst prisons in the world as a chaplain for the International Police - Milton's testimony of his repentance of drug running from Columbia that led nearly 200 Columbian pastors that repented of doing the same- Truly thankful Christians are willing to truly suffer for Jesus - Dr. Hansen leads leaders in how to be faithful to speak the words of Christ...

Kenya May 2012 - Bomet Market Crusade with the Maasai Church with Pastor Francis Koriata (DVD)

CODE: DVD110113


The fifth bullet point of Dr. Hansen's prophecy to Kenya that was shared with President Daniel Moi in 1992 - Video of: A Maasai home surrounded by a boma, warriors demonstrating a lion hunt, collecting cow's milk and blood to drink; Dr. Hansen expresses the need for godly leadership to be elected in Kenya to replace many dogs in Parliament; Evangelist Capt. Milton Alvarez shares his testimony of leaving the Mafia and coming to Christ; Dr. Mike Hyodo declares the love of Jesus over Kenya and the people at the Bomet market; Dr. Hansen relates to the people that the NWO and America are influencing Kenyan Parliamentarians to put same-sex marriage, abortion and Islamic law into their constitution; The bullet points of Dr. Hansen's prophecy to Kenya is shared and the people told how to prevent God's judgment against Kenya as mentioned in the prophecy; Peggy Magnuson expresses how Dr. Hansen and WMI is looking for 2,000 intercessors in Kenya to join the fight for their nation; Rev. George Matti, "The Singer", leads in wonderfully spirited worship and dance unto our Lord Jesus; Dr. Hansen closes the crusade in a prayer of thanksgiving unto God and exhortation for the people of Kenya to live as one tribe in Jesus to vote for godly leadership for their nation...

Kenya May 2012 - Redeemed Gospel Church in Huruma under Archbishop Arthur Kitonga with Evangelist Capt. Milton Alvarez (DVD)

CODE: DVD102513


The five bullet points of Dr. Hansen's prophecy to Kenya - Kenya newspaper headlines about 2007 election violence - Video roll-ins of: Evangelist Milton Alvarez exhorts Redeemed Gospel Church congregants to pray for leadership to have God reveal Himself to them, even at a loss of sleep; Ask for the seeing anointing, to see in the spiritual; Capt. Alvarez gives examples of the power and talents that God has given us to serve Him and the weight of their responsibility - Dr. Hansen states that America became so powerful because political leadership (President George Washington) dedicated the nation to Jesus from the very beginning - Dr. Hansen strongly exhorts the people of the Church to be: Steady as the Rock, Anointed an powerful as the apostles, Dedicated and committed as the prophets and determined never to compromise as the martyrs (elaborating on each point Scripturally; with historical and personal testimony for examples) - Dr. Hansen has been invited by Secretary General of the Global Parliament to speak to the presidents of the world in New York City and he shares what he is going to say to them - Dr. Hansen's testimony of giving words to leaders within Kenya that were witnessed by Bishop Arthur Kitonga and Dr. Hyodo...

Kenya May 2012 - Kenya World Ministries International School of Theology Graduation Service, Maasai Church land dedication and Comido School Update (DVD)

CODE: DVD101813


The five bullet points of Dr. Hansen's prophecy to Kenya - Roll-in Video of: Dr. Hansen speaking at a Service and Graduation Ceremony for Pastor Kennedy Kamau of Gospel Revival Centre Church; Dr. Hansen stresses the importance for a Spirit-filled theological education to properly preach the Gospel of Christ without heresy; Dr. Hansen exhorts that God wants to use Gospel Revival Centre to lead the nation of Kenya under God; Kenya's Church leaders entering into covenant with God is just a beginning but national political leaders need to be in covenant with God in their national capitol for the nation to be blessed; The history of Israel and America entering into Spiritual/Political covenant with God in their original national capitols by their political leaders and how when these nations broke covenant, God judged them - Dr. Hansen speaks at an outdoor service in Maasailand for Pastor Francis Koriata to bless the land for a new Church and to anoint Pastor Koriata as directed by God...

Bishop Thomas Muthee - Founder / Senior Pastor of Word of Faith Church in Kiambu, Kenya (2 DVD Set)



Dr. Hansen reads a portion of Dr. Muthee's bio that relates the importance of prayer in his life for direction in decisions and for warfare in the spirit realm - Prayer helped achieve breakthrough against powers and strongholds over Kiambu that blocked the blessings of God from manifesting - Through prayer, Dr. Muthee and other intercessors found out that there was a witch named Mama Jane that held such tight control in Kiambu that there were many fatal car accidents in front of her house of divination - Bishop Muthee publically declared that either Mama Jane receives Jesus as Lord and Savior or she leaves town. "There is no longer room in Kiambu for the both of us". - Prior to following the Lord's direction to plant a church in Kiambu, the 'preachers graveyard', Bishop Muthee was an itinerant evangelist for twelve years - Dr. Muthee spent much time praying before going to Kiambu so as to discover why the town wasn't growing and why it was the crime capital of Kenya before he established a church there - Prayer revealed that the city was under very powerful witchcraft and much innocent blood was spilled there during the struggle for the nations independence...

Kenya 2012 - May 12, Dr. Hansen and Vice President Kalonzo Speak at National Dedication Day - May 13, Dr. Hansen Speaking at Redeemed Gospel Church in Huruma for Bishop Arthur Kitonga (DVD)

CODE: DVD012113

Dr. Hansen speaks on Kenya national television at a rally in Nairobi's Uhuru Park dedicating Kenya to God - Dr. Hansen challenges nation on Kenya television to elect President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Parliamentarians and judges that will make covenant with Jesus - Vice President Steven Kalonzo speaks at National Dedication Rally - Vice President Kalonzo challenges the Church to turn away from tribalism and to unite in the name of Christ, abstaining from violence - Dr. Hansen speaks at Bishop Kitonga's headquarters, Redeemed Gospel Church in Hurumu - Dr. Hansen preaches that the Church must protect the nation by being: steady as The Rock; anointed and powerful as the apostles; dedicated and committed as the prophets; and determined never to compromise as the martyrs - Dr. Hansen points out that Kenya, Israel and America were all attacked in their original capital cities as signs of the Lord's judgment for sin - Dr. Hansen challenges the Church to take back Kenya.

Dr Hansen Interviews Dr. Bahjat Batarseh, Jordanian Apostle/Prophet, in Nairobi, Kenya May 15, 2012 (2 DVD Set)



Dr. Batarseh shares his family history as Christians in Jordan from 64 A.D. - The Batarseh family now numbers newar 2,500 in Jordan - Dr. Batarseh's testimony of receiving salvation in Jordan - Dr. Batarseh relates Muslim misconceptions of the Holy Trinity, Mary and Jesus and how to evangelize them - Dr. Batarseh has been imprisoned for preaching to Muslims twice and God miraculously released him although he was sentenced to death by hanging - Dr. Hansen shares how he visited with Yasser Arafat's former sniper and chauffer, who Jesus appeared to - Dr. Hansen was visited in his Nairobi, Kenya office by a Somali woman that left Islam for Christianity after Jesus knocked away rat poison she was about to drink - Dr. Batarseh extends invitation for viewers to accept Jesus as Savior - Dr. Batarseh speaks of the similarity of changes happening in Kenya also happening in US - The key to Kenya's future lies with church leaders repenting of sin and preaching truth - Islam invading Kenya...

Mission Trip 2011 Kenya - Roll-ins: Comido Education Centre in Makuru Kwa Njenga Slum in Nairobi, Kenya and WMI's New Dental Clinic in Ngong, Kenya (DVD)

CODE: DVD012312


LIVE video of: Improvements WMI has helped make at Comido Education Centre in Makuru Kwa Njenga Slum, Nairobi, Kenya; WMI's new dental clinic in Ngong, Kenya. Guest in studio: Dr. Michael Hyodo.

Dr. Hansen - Leadership Conference of Bishops, 26 October 2011, Nairobi, Kenya (DVD)

CODE: DVD011612

LIVE video from Bishops conference in Kenya, speakers include: Rev. Dr. Wellington Mutiso, Rev. Dr. David Githii, Rev. Kathy Morgan, Apostle Reuben Esh, Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Njuguna, Dr. Solomon Kimuyu, Rev. Dr. Jonathan Hansen.

Athi River First Baptist Church, Kenya, 10-23-11 Men's Tent Meeting; Dr. Hansen, Dr. Hyodo and Apostle Esh speaking (DVD)

CODE: DVD010212

LIVE video footage of outdoor men's tent meeting; Dr. Hansen speaks on the importance of men supporting the vision of the house and abiding under Godly authority; Dr. Hyodo speaks on the great need for repentance and hunger for God and His ways to receive the blessings of God; Apostle Esh teaches on proper Godly discipline of children and the role men are to play at home in order to have the power of God working in their lives.

Dr. Hansen & Apostle Reuben Esh Speak at Athi River First Baptist Church - October 23, 2011 (DVD)

CODE: DVD122611

LIVE roll-in video of Dr. Hansen sharing the following at Athi River First Baptist Church: The coming NWO and their created economic crisis to dissolve the sovereignty of nations; Dr. Hansen states that during the last election many Bishops were hyenas and dogs were running Kenya; Parallels between America & Kenya politicians guilty of treason against their nations; Warning of danger of Islam - LIVE roll-in video of Apostle Reuben Esh sharing about the ministration of angels through the life of Jesus.