Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Candidate for Washington State Attorney General

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 Churchill on Islam - Mosque 'invasion' decimating churches Sweden plans to deport Christian actress … to Iran! - Muslim... More

Doron Keidar - Israeli Defense Force Reservist, Founder/President Shield of David, Project Gideon, Executive Assistant The Watchman International (DVD)

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Doron Keidar shares how apostasy is returning to the Church in Sweden - Doron's testimony that he and his wife tried to have a child for ten years and Dr. Hansen prayed for them to conceive and now they have a daughter - Dr. Hansen prays for a woman viewing the television program to have a baby that has been trying for 16 years - Doron speaks of one of the largest churches in Sweden returning to the worship of Mary and images/icons as idolatry - Doron shares about Chrislam, the marriage of Islam and Christianity, in America - Doron shares that Muhammad was used by the Catholic church to promote power of Rome over the nomadic people, but Muhammad turned on them - Doron details the need for new combat vests for IDF reservists and his efforts to raise money to take new vests back to Israel - Doron speaks of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's corruption and inability to lead militarily.



A prophecy to Sweden and its explanation. (2 Part Series) (App. 120 min.)
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