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Pacific Northwest Tour 2010 (7 DVD Set)



Featuring the best from the 2010 Northwest conferences with Dr. Jonathan Hansen. Featured guest speakers: Rep. Matt Shea, Washington State 4th District, Attorney Stephen Pidgeon. This series includes 9 hours of conference footage taken from conferences in (Spokane Valley, WA), (Yakima, WA), (Portland, OR), and (Kirkland, WA). Topics discussed include:

  • World Organizations Working Against America's Sovereignty and Planning Wars
  • The Final World Ruler and The New World Order
  • American Leaders Guilty of Treason to Dissolve the Sovereignty of the United States of America
  • Obama/Dictator/Felony Crimes/666
  • Muslim Nations Led by the Anti-Christ
  • Leaders of the Born-Again Church in Heresy; Sins of Abomination (Naming Pastors)