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Pastor Billy Graham Paulose: Mission Director; Body of Christ Ministries International (India), Unreached Villages (U.S.) - India (2 DVD Set)



Part 1 - Dr. Hansen's prophecy to India - The book written by Moses Paulose, Pastor Billy's father - The meaning of the city's name, Rameswaram - The significance of Rameswaram in the Hindu faith - Three months before the Paulose family moved to Rameswaram, radical Hindus martyred a Christian missionary in the Hindu temple - Images of Rameswaram - Images of Hindus sacrificing themselves for their religion - Film of religious fundamentalists attacking pastors in India - Film of BCM's 2008 VBS with 2,500 children - Film of BCM's orphanage and school children - Images of persecution of the Paulose family - Images of BCM's training facility presently under construction - Images of Hindu Femicide - Pastor Paulose rescued a baby girl from being boiled alive - Pastor Paulose's testimony of a Hindu woman's grief for killing 7 children - Images of abortion - Images of Hindus piercing their bodies in attempt to atone for sin.

Part 2 - Prophecy to India - Images of Rameswaram, India; Body of Christ Ministries Training Centre; orphan girls rescued from Hindu Femicide in BCM's Infant Rescue Orphanage - Images of Dr. Hansen's adopted orphan daughter Melita - India has 400 million children - Pastor Paulose explains the Hindu caste system - BCM's school for untouchable children with images of the change in their lives - Images of some of the 300 million untouchable people and BCM cleaning and ministering to them - Images of BCM ministering in remote villages with the Gospel, medical & dental care - Images of Hindu worship and self-sacrifice through body piercing - Images of a man who had been tied-up an kept in a dungeon for four years, because of demonic possession, being set free in the Name of Jesus - Images of BCM's ministry van teams taking the Gospel to the people - Dr. Hansen shares the necessity of the Church to be mature and strong enough to truly reach out to the untouchables - Hinduism has 330 million gods - Pastor Paulose shares of Hindu witch doctor's practice of digging up corpses and eating their flesh - Pastor Paulose shares of a woman's deliverance from demons and miraculous healing - Dr. Hansen shares how Jesus appeared to a Muslim woman who was about to drink rat poison and she accepted Jesus as her Savior.

(2 Video Series) (Total Est. Time: 60 min)