Pastor Peter Kulakevich - Sr. Pastor: Harvest Christian Center International Church, a Russian Church in Everett, WA & Rev. Ray Hannah from Australia - The Power of the Name of Jesus and Pastor Hannah's Belief in Jesus' Name for his Personal Healing (CD)

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Born in the Ukraine & raised in Estonia - Persecuted by Russian Communism (Soviet Union) - Came to America for religious freedom - Russian Church in Everett, WA involved in traditional values - Romans 13:1-7 delegated authority & Church responsibility - Testimony of persecution - Prisoner for the faith - Persecuted Church - KGB - Soviet Union - U.S.A. is heading toward Soviet Union type Nation - Persecution laws coming to U.S. & Obama news articles. Dr Ray Hannah shares on the power of Jesus name and belief in his name for personal healing.

(60 min.)