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Prosper Ndabishuriye - Burundi - August 2011 (DVD)

CODE: DVD090511


Prophecy to Burundi - Dr. Hansen's testimony of sharing Burundi prophecy to the parliament in 1998 and how God used him in word of knowledge in that meeting - Prosper shares that Church leaders who are weak and quiet bring destruction to a nation - Prosper gives some history of how tribal strife came to Pigmy, Hutu and Tutsi tribes as a result of Colonialist division of races/classes - Dr. Hansen gives an example of how tribal hatred and weak leadership bring about slavery - Prosper states that silent Church leadership led to the Burundi genocide of 1965, 1972 & 1998 - Dr. Hansen's testimony of Kenyan politician accusing Church bishops of corruption equal to that of politicians.

(30 min.)