Prosper Ndabishuriye - General Coordinator of Youth in Reconstruction of the World in Destruction & Overseer of National/International Relations for the Evangelical Church of Central Africa - Burundi (DVD)

CODE: DVD050911


Video and pictures of genocide in Burundi - Pictures of Dr. Hansen's 1998 trip through jungles of Rwanda & Burundi to meet with leaders - Dr. Hansen's prophecy to Burundi - Pictures of Dr. Hansen with the current President, Vice President and other Burundi political leaders - Video of Prosper's ministry in Burundi - God gave words of knowledge about sin at Burundi's Parliament in 1998 - Video of Burundi's current President working on building homes for people - Video of homes built by YRWD & the orphanage/school being built - Within four months 60% of all homes destroyed and up to half a million people killed in civil war - Hutu & Tutsi stood up for each other saying "If you're going to kill them, you must kill me first."

(30 min.)