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Resurrection and Life Ministries Hawaii International (2 DVD Set)



Part 1 - Introduction of Senior Pastor Randy Iaea, Prophetess Phyllis Ramia, and Apostle Eric Hurd - LIVE video of church service on July 17, 2011 - Worship - Dr. Hansen operates in the office of Apostle and Prophet - Dr. Hansen's testimony of how God shared specific words of knowledge to MPs in Burundi regarding sins of murder - There is nothing better than to flow with the wind of God! - God wants to break us out of our boxes of sin and set us free from the little foxes - God reveals that the current governor is a disgrace to Hawaii as he protects the President - Seize every opportunity to take advantage of the hour of your visitation - Dr. Hansen demonstrates how we should all be praying for ourselves daily - Don't line yourself up with those who take the glory for themselves - If pastors truly feared God, America wouldn't be in the mess it is in now - Pastors shouldn't be afraid of allowing true servants of God to speak from their pulpits - God doesn't hold the sins of your heritage against you.

Part 2 - Photos of Dr. Hansen ministering in Sunday services at RLM - News articles of Hawaii governor covering up falsehood of Obama's presidency and Obama's work to destroy America - Dr. Hansen teaches on humility, giving examples of how God has had him humble himself before thousands of people that brought repentance - Dr. Hansen's testimony of the importance to be humble enough to hear God's instruction - The danger of seeking one's own recognition over giving all glory to God - Self-seeking and self-promotion are two of the deadliest enemies of the ministry - Dr. Hansen's testimony of more than 100 people healed of goiters (tumors) in Mombasa and the following day how God did miracles when the glory is redirected toward God - The need to understand apostolic alignment and the vision of the "set man" - How do we handle conflict within the church - Faithful, loyal leaders versus disloyal, bad leaders - Dr. Hansen reads his prophecy for Hawaii - Dr. Hansen shares about Mordecai's apostolic leadership in the book of Esther - Powerful intercessory worship and prayer ministry for the congregation.

(2 Video Series) (Total Est. Time: 60 min)