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Rev. Dr. Ray Hannah - Inter-National Evangelical Ministries & Phillip Power, Worship Leader from Worship Centre, Brisbane, Australia (4 DVD Set)



Part 1 - "The Glory of God" - News Articles: Obama honored man who calls God a "sinful homophobic bigot"; Hawaii election clerk: Obama not born here - Our responsibility to allow the Glory of God to touch us - When the Glory of God is upon us, people see it - Georgia Gov. Perdue challenges Christians to be authentic in their Christianity - Abdul Benbrika: Muslim cleric in Australia convicted of terrorism speaks heresy of Islam - The Church must mark false religions like Islam - We must love Jesus to release God's Glory - Phillip & Melanie Power Sing "Revival Song."

Part 2 - "The Importance of Worship" - Perdue: World wants authentic Christians - Topics of discussion in Dr. Hansen's 2010 Conference Tour - Worship is who we are; relationship with God - You have to know Jesus or you do not move with the glory of God - Who do you worship; athletes, artists or Jesus? - True worship leads to the release of the glory of God - Worship is being real before God - It's a love song to Jesus - If the church is not filled with people, they do not know how to worship - Phillip & Melanie Power Sing "Hosanna."

Part 3 - "Angelic Visitations" - New atheist Australian Prime Minister refuses to take oath of office on Bible - Angels walk into a service while Dr. Hansen is preaching; they write down everything the preacher says - Dr. Hannah shares about angels that came to a church service with answers to prayers and gifts for the saints of God - Word of knowledge about a person ready to commit suicide: "Receive Jesus as Lord & Savior and you will marry a woman 23 years old and have 2 children." - Dr. Hannah & Phillip Power give testimony of hearing angelic voices in church services - Dr. Hansen shares testimony of angels who guided him from Zimbabwe to a pastor's home in Livingston, Zambia - Phillip goes on to share that his aunt was miraculously healed of 200 stitches from surgery 4-1/2 hours earlier - Dr. Hansen gives word of knowledge telling someone about to have heart surgery, the next day, to have the doctors run more tests before having surgery - Dr. Hannah gives testimony of how 2 angels saved his life from a would-be shooter while he preached in India - Dr. Hansen has been told by many people that they have seen a large angel standing behind him while he preaches - Dr. Hannah shares how a professional boxer threw punches at his face while he preached and not one punch struck him; the boxer accepted Jesus as Savior - Phillip & Melanie Power Sing "Agnus Dei."

Part 4 - "Joshua & the Children of Israel, What Do These Stone Mean?" - Coming economic collapse - Joshua was seeing the miraculous hand of God at work - The stones were for a memorial of God's miracles and were there to evoke children to ask their fathers about their meaning - Fathers must groom and mentor their children in the Word of God - Fathers, tell your children you love them, often - The strength of a nation is built upon the strength of the family - Society world-wide is being torn down by godless leadership and homosexual hypocrites - We are the sons (children) of Abraham, God & Jesus - Invitations to receive Jesus as Savior - Young people need to understand that they need the older generations - The things of God should be taught at home and the fathers must be active in this - The importance of discipleship - Dr. Hansen & Phillip Power remember hearing the nightly preaching of their evangelist fathers - Phillip & Melanie Power Sing "Here I Am Jesus."

(4 Video Series) (Total Est. Time: 120 min)