Rick Wiles, Host of Trunews, Interviews Dr. Hansen, March 27, 2015

Rick Wiles, Host of Trunews, Interviews Dr. Hansen, March 27, 2015 (CD)

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Monday - Obama is waging a proxy war; Sunni Islam against Shiite Islam for control of a new global Caliphate - Obama caved in to Iran in the nuke talks – The prophetic kings of the north and south will soon collide – Radical Islam is Real Islam.

Tuesday - Obama is creating conflict hoping for Islam to rise up in WWIII to re-establish a Muslim Caliphate – Obama, the most lawless President in U.S. history – Toothless Eunuchs – Obama seeks to sign treaty with Iranian leader who shouts “Death to America”.

Wednesday - Obama meddling in Israeli, Kenyan, Nigerian elections toward Muslim leadership and law – Corruption throughout U.S. Congress aids Obama’s retaining office and power without accountability for his lawlessness – Islam will betray alliance with the left.

Thursday - Obama’s actions for America show either insanity or he is deliberately seeking to bring down the U.S. to a 3rd world nation – Obama is no Christian – Jade Helm military exercise, is it in anticipation of war on U.S. soil; invasion or civil war?

Friday - People are trying to make Jesus into their image. There is only one Jesus Who is gentle and merciful, as well as an avenging warrior judge – 2015 is pivotal for the church to rise up and take back America – Prophecy for Israel’s Prime Minister.

(60 min.)