Second TV Interview in Hawaii on "Heartlight Hearttalk" with Prophetess Phyllis Ramia - Deborah Gliebe, of Firegate Ministries, Discussing the Reality of Where We are at on God's Time Table (CD)

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Dr. Hansen shares his testimony of moving from youth pastor to law enforcement in U.S.A.F. (Strategic Air Command) to deputy in Sheriff's Dept. (President of Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers and member of SWAT team), then ministry - Dr. Hansen speaks on his five years of preparatory chastening before entering ministry - God is revealing Himself to the people (Muslims, etc.) calling them into relationship with Him - Dr. Hansen states how grace can run out - Dr. Hansen explains the need for apostolic alignment - Dr. Hansen's testimony of having to forgive a man - Dr. Hansen relates his first supernatural dream.

(60 min.)