Three-fold Blessings of Salvation


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Monday -Jesus came to save, bless and meet needs.  Dr. Hansen shares on the three types of blessings in salvation.  These three blessings cover the needs of society and Christians have the solution.  The importance of grasping the truth that each Christian is called to minister and share their faith.  The importance of understanding 3 John 2 in order for the church to grow.  We can stay free from disease as we understand and appropriate the truths of God.  Galatians 3:13-14, the blessings of Abraham are for the Christian.

Tuesday - Poverty and sickness are a curse. God does not desire for you to stay in sickness or poverty.  It is a virtue to accept the sovereignty of God until we are healed.  Hope, faith and victory.  God desires not only to teach you as you go through sickness, but to give you a testimony.  You must aggressively seek your healing.  We can appropriate the promises of God with delegated authority. Understanding how the church grows.  We should not take sickness complacently or be satisfied with it.

Wednsday - God blesses us financially, with healing and eternal life.  Truths must go deep into the heart to appropriate them.  God blesses us with spiritual blessing, material blessings and salvation.  You don’t have to be a Christian to be healed, God will do signs and wonders to bring people to him.  When you are a Christian, God expects you to follow Him to be healed and delivered.  The Hansen daughters sing in worship, “Go Light Your World.”

Thursday - Dr. Hansen reads excerpts from the book, “Growing the World’s Largest Church” by Karen Hurston.  When our spiritual lives grow, other areas prosper.  Jesus paid the price for our healing at Calvary.  Persistence is a quality of many who are healed.  Dr. Hansen shares about the empowerment given with the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Since Jesus took up our infirmities and carried our diseases, born again believers have the duty and privilege to pray for the sick.  The goal of financial prosperity is to give for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.  The blessed hope of the second coming of Jesus Christ will be seen by all people.  Dr. Hyodo’s anointed prayer for the salvation of people who don’t know Jesus.

Friday - Jesus came to restore us to God the Father, allow us to prosper and give us good health.  Jesus taught people to put their trust in Him and to become living epistles, known and read by all men.  Jesus gave relevant, hope filled and easy to understand messages.  Talitha and Kareen Hansen sing, “If You Can Use Anything Lord, You Can Use Me.”

(60 min.)