Timothy King, Co-Founder International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ)

Timothy King, Co-Founder International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) (DVD)

CODE: DVD082914


Dr. Hansen interviews Timothy King in his Jerusalem, Israel home - Mr. King's testimony of how volunteering for a Billy Graham crusade led him to continuing his Bible education in Jerusalem - At the Lord's leading, Timothy sold his business and stayed in Jerusalem to serve the people there - Most Israeli Holocaust survivors associate Christians and Christianity as being complicit to the genocide of WWII - Israel passed a law making Jerusalem their eternal and undivided capitol, in protest to this action every nation that had embassies in Israel moved them to Tel Aviv and Mr. King found himself with a group of Christians from around the world that opened the ICEJ as a way of showing that Bible believing Evangelical Christians wanted to stand along side in support of Israel - ICEJ was founded to show that real Christianity cares for and about the people and nation of Israel - ICEJ started without any money but monetary support came via people that God brought to them - The annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration that ICEJ hosts, is the single largest ongoing tourist event in Israel's history - ICEJ has been involved in assisting more than 100,000 Jewish immigrants to move to Israel - Timothy cherishes the memory of seeing Israel's PM, Jerusalem's Mayor and the family of the Great Synagogue seated in the front row of the 1981 Feast of Tabernacles celebration - Timothy's daughter gave Prime Minister Rabin the first sapling of a 50,000 tree forest that Christians from around the world planted in Israel - His daughter also gave Prime Minister Netanyahu a birthday cake on stage.

Video of sights in and around Jerusalem and an ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles celebration.

Photos of Dr. Hansen with: a Prime Minister of Jamaica, Israeli Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, the Director of Israel's Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, a President of Liberia and Kenyan President, Vice-President and Prime Minister - Photos of: WMI benevolence work in Kenya, Romania and Jamaica; Founding members of the ICEJ; holocaust atrocities of WWII; People from around the world making Aliyah through the help of the ICEJ; Israel's Prime Minister Menachem Begin at 1981 Feast of Tabernacles celebration

(30 min.)