Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State - Sexual Immorality in America and its historical punishments - Antifa violence and its communist roots - The Narcissist Personality - Current News Articles are Discussed

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Sexual Immorality in America and its historical punishments: News headlines: Washington State To Teach Transgenderism To Kindergartners; Man reveals he... More

Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Candidate for Washington State Attorney General

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Crazy! ESPN pulls announcer because of … his name Canada's Radical Left Prime Minister The New Theory of Flat Earth Part 1... More

Prophet Nathan Humbyrd: Prophetic Testimony - June 23, 2017 View of America - June 20, 2017 Dream about Barack Obama - June 21, 2017 Dream about Israel - Philippines - How to Be Sent by God, the Timing of God, India

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Prophet Nathan Humbyrd - Prophetic Testimony Prophet Nathan Humbyrd - June 23, 2017 View of America: Nathan points out a slumbering spirit blinding... More

Trista Williams - God Can Use You / Kaeley Triller, Communications Director, Just Want Privacy Campaign, Why I-1552? and Survivor of Rape

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Ps. Jack McKee, Senior Pastor of New Life City Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Author of the Book "What Does it Take?" - Discussing the UK Breaking Away from the EU - Ireland, Religion v. Relationship with Christ - Cycle Cross America 2012 and 2017

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Pastor McKee's most recent book speaks of developing a church in a high conflict situation - New Life City Church is located in a building that is... More

Dr. Hansen is Interviewed on TruNews by Rick Wiles Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, 2015: Muslim invasion, WWIII and New World Order, Dr. Hansen's prophecy to America and further revelations added to it

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Rev. Linda Liberty, Light to the Nations from Canada: What is Going On? A World Upside Down / Evangelist Paulette Williams, Keys of the Kingdom Ministries, and her Husband Orrys from Honolulu, HI: - What is Going On? A World Upside Down - Anti-Islam billboard banned in U.S. refugee hotspot - Rush: What about Vatican's border 'walls'? - The Great Falling Away, Protestants and the Pope Parts 1-2

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Dr. Hansen / Josh Reinstein / "Israel Now News" / Jan Willem van der Hoeven / ICEJ (DVD)

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Dr. Hansen and Josh Reinstein , Director of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus discuss the following (Originally aired May 2014) : Palestinians in... More

Dr. Hansen Discussses End-Time Prophecies - The Pope - And "Israel Now News" (DVD)

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The Catholic Malachy prophecy predicts that Pope Francis is to be the very last Pope - Kenneth Copeland and other evangelical leaders met with Pope... More

Sheila Zilinsky, Host of the Radio Program "Weekend Vigilante" (CD)

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Facts about the Catholic church & Pope John Paul's push for a one-world religion (adapted from TV). (2 Part Series) (App. 120 min.) More
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Part 1 - Guest: Rev. E.J. Buckardt - The Whore and the Beast - The False Religious System and the One-World Government - Quotes from John Paul II -... More