2010 interview with Pastor Jack McKee - Belfast, Northern Ireland (DVD)

CODE: DVD053110


Prophecy to London, England, U.K. - Pastor Jack McKee gives testimony of Muslim airline ticket agent performing their prayer behind the ticket counter in London Heathrow Airport - Christian British Airways employee denied wearing a cross at work - Pastor McKee gives testimony of a young Catholic lad being shot eight times by terrorists - The need for Christians to get involved in politics - President Obama backing homosexuality, abortion, dividing Israel and selecting candidates for the Supreme Court - Pictures of the wall dividing the Shankill & Falls communities in Belfast, Northern Ireland - Pastor McKee shares testimony of receiving death threats and attempts on his life - Pastor McKee approaches other neighborhood ministers about standing up against the terrorist violence and one leader said that taking a stand is not biblical - Christians being persecuted around the world - American judge calls for ban of National Day of Prayer.

(30 min.)