America's Christian Heritage

Bishop Tom Barrett, CEO of Golden Art, LLC (4 DVD Set)


Dr. Hansen and Tom Barrett Discuss America's Christian Heritage. The History of Inflation in America, The Theft of Personal Wealth. Protection and Creation of Wealth. Investment Grade Gold Coins (E.I.G.G. Rules). Dr. Hansen warns about the New World Order and how to protect your assets...

Hugh Fleet - American Flag Presentation - Candidate for WA State Rep., 38th District (2 DVD Set)


Mr. Hugh Fleet's presentations given at Presidents Elementary School and Highland Christian School in Arlington, WA - Dr. Hansen's newsletters: "America's Christian Heritage & How We Have Become a Nation Facing Unprecedented Problems"

Interview with Mr. Arthur Watson, School Teacher - Our Christian Heritage (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - How Hollywood and the philosophy of hedonism is destroying the respect for family and authority - The influence of Darwinism and Nietzche. Part... More

Interview with Don Hawkinson; Author of "Character for Life, An America Heritage" (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Personal virtues grown through character development - America's loss of righteousness has brought her to the brink of judgment. Part 2 - If... More