"An apostolic church that knows its responsibilities as an Ambassador of Christ," Friday 9-7-18, Asia Apostolic Alliance Conference with Vee Sitoh at Ambassador Assembly Church, Dr. Timothy Yeung, Hong Kong

CODE: DVD101218


We are called to spiritual warfare against the forces of evil and darkness. We war according to biblical prophecy, the vision of the church set man and Holy Spirit prophecies over our lives. The only way we can be defeated is if we lose hope. It's time to fight for ourselves, families, businesses, communities, regions and nations. The greatest thing we can possess is hope and we must continually build hope in others. Hope has the power to renew wayward vision. As we inhale the Word of God, the Holy Spirit grows within us and we can do the Word of God. Hope has the power to repair broken hearts.  Believers can bring hope to the rest of the world. The power in ministry comes when believers lead others firmly in love to the God of all hope. Believers are spiritual people at war with evil spirits. The God of hope enables believers to heal the sick, do miracles, cast out demons and comfort broken hearts. Dr. Hansen shares his testimony of repenting of hating a man that had raped his first wife. Pride, anger and unforgiveness can cause chemical imbalance that can bring disease and can lead to suicide. After Dr. Hansen sought forgiveness from God and the man he hated, he had his first supernatural dream and began to be used by God with power and anointing. The call of the church is to minister in the power of the Holy Ghost and not human pride. The humble aren't weak, but the proud are. God's method is a person and you are that person. Video of powerful worship is shown. Photos of: Vee Sitoh, Asia Apostolic Alliance; various apostolic leaders from the Asia region; Dr. Timothy Yeung, Ambassador Assembly Church, Hong Kong; ministry in several meetings; Dr. Hansen with several world political leaders.