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Apostle/Pastor Joshua Alvarez (2 DVD Set)



Part 1 - Pastor Joshua started preaching to the Church at 5 years old - Apostle Joshua shares his testimony of his visit to Heaven; visiting with Zechariah & Malachi; the heavenly host strategizing and interceding on behalf of every soul on earth; Pastor Joshua describing Heaven - Dr. Hansen's testimony of his grandmother's visit to Heaven - LIVE roll-in of Pastor Joshua Alvarez ministering in Russia and the testimony of people healed: voice and breathing restored after a poisoning; sight restored; hearing restored; tumor healed; broken hips restored; extreme case of eczema healed; back and neck healed.

Part 2 - Pictures of Pastor Joshua ministering in Mexico & Russia - Pastor Joshua shares testimony of his father being invited by government in India to come and minister to 800,000 at the expense of the government - He shares his personal testimony of being taken to Heaven at age 12: meeting with Zechariah and Malachi; heavenly witnesses strategizing for people to be saved and watching the battle unfold on earth - Apostle Joshua speaks of his recent trip to the persecuted state of Yucatan in Mexico and how God saved him from being taken hostage by corrupt police officers - Apostle Joshua shares about creative healings of: limbs growing; eyes formed; teeth restored; gums healed; arthritis healed

(2 Video Series) (Total Est. Time: 60 min)