"Apostolic and Prophetic Ministries Working Together" - Saturday second session, 9-8-18, Asia Apostolic Alliance Conference with Vee Sitoh at Ambassador Assembly Church, Dr. Timothy Yeung, Hong Kong - Part 1

CODE: DVD110918


 Great revival and persecution are ahead for the church before Christ's return. 'Sheep' nations will be protected from the persecution that the church will endure in the 'Goat' nations. The gifts of ministry are given for the leadership of the body, to perfect the saints for the work of the ministry. God places people in positions of church leadership in accordance to their faithfulness. When man installs people in positions of leadership that are not called by God, the church is not effectively served. Leadership is determined by God by looking at the hearts of people. Many are leading churches that are not called of God. It is not easy to become an apostle or prophet and the preparation is difficult. Pride interferes with the Holy Spirit. God gives grace to the humble. The humble are the strongest on earth. Are we willing to let God deal with us? Are you willing to sacrifice for righteousness sake? True apostles and prophets will endure persecution from nonbelievers and even from subordinate leadership more than anyone in the body of Christ. These two positions must endure suffering as Jesus did in leadership, thus He has few to choose from. The apostle and prophet will be forced by God to come closer to Him if they are to be chosen for ministry. The difference from the original 12 apostles to all that followed is explained. Men do not choose apostles, God does. The functions of apostles and prophets are defined. A wilderness experience is part of the development of apostles and prophets and all were exposed to trials. These two offices are called to serve and not to rule. All the spiritual gifts are given by the Holy Spirit. Dr. Hansen speaks of how God uses him in the office of a prophet. God still uses people to unite churches. God will not stop judgment for a person or nation just because someone prays for them. Biblical examples of peoples that were judged by God are given, yet men of God were spared even in slavery. Photos of: Vee Sito, President of the Asia Apostolic Alliance; Dr. Hansen with various international political leaders; Dr. Hansen meeting with Burundi political leaders during and after times of national genocidal bloodshed. News articles: China Gripped by Spiritual Revival as 'Hundreds of Millions Turn to Religion and Faith'; China Launches Massive New Wave of Persecution Against Christians: 'There Is No Freedom At All'.