Are You Lukewarm?

CODE: DVD042619


We are close to the great tribulation and two billion dying. Are you concerned about souls and people in sin? God loves you too much to leave you in a lukewarm condition. God would rather we were hot or cold, than lukewarm. All seven churches named in the book of Revelation had lukewarm people. It is a serious matter to be lukewarm. A lukewarm believer is someone that isn't making any progress toward God or otherwise. God removes His favor from the lukewarm resisting His chastising. Are you allowing other things to have higher priority than serving God in ministry? The heavens are closed to the prayers of the selfish. Love speaks truth like Jesus does. Ignoring the warnings to the churches of Revelation chapters 2 and 3 would be to mock God. God chastens and scourges His rebellious children. The lukewarm are vulnerable to the attacks of Satan. The lukewarm aren't useful in extending the kingdom of God. Do you covet the gifts of the Holy Spirit, or do you even care? The unrepentant believer is in danger of having their candlestick removed. An excerpt from Dr. Hansen's newsletter "What's Wrong with the Weather?" is read. Several other of his recent newsletter titles are read. News headlines are shared to show the seriousness of the times we are in.