Freedom Fighter (Book)

CODE: B069

( By Majed El Shafie ) Majed El Shafie was arrested, tortured, and sentenced to die after he converted from Islam to Christianity.  His... More

Willing to Die: The True Story of John Muntean (Book)

CODE: B068

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(By John Muntean) Hope and freedom hang in the balance between the success and failure of one mans plan. John Muntean must succeed, or die trying.... More

Islam and New Global Realities (Book)

CODE: B067

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(By Dr. Stan Fleming) Has the attack of September 11th, 2001, caused you to think about the reality of Islamic fundamentalism around the world? How can... More

Servants of the Third Watch (Book)

CODE: B066

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(By Dr. Stan Fleming) A Revelation of the third watch indicates that the Church has entered the long-awaited midnight hour. How do we know this? What... More

Chief Walkin' Tall (Book)

CODE: B065

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(By Flo Ellers) Chief Walkin Tall is my story and yet it is our story. It is about our lives, discarded and rejected by man lives so broken and unwanted, the will to stand up was gone until Jesus came and picked us up. He whispers in our heart, Stand tall my warrior-daughter, stand upright my warrior-son, for you are no longer an outcast; you are my Chief Walkin Tall.

Legacy: Synergizing the Generations for a Life Worth Leaving (Book)

CODE: B064

(By Norman Willis) All accomplishment in life begins with desire. But somewhere in the process of parenting, desire must turn into a plan or desire will... More

Unity With A Return (Book)

CODE: B063


(By Norman Willis) Why did so many New Testament writers speak of the eminent return of our Lord Jesus Christ, yet two thousand years later we still wait? Could it be we are missing something? Is it time we began asking questions? It is time we ask ourselves, What must we do to make ourselves ready? With John 17:20-23 as his blueprint, Pastor Norm examines these questions and sounds a prophetic call for unity for the sake of Christs return.

The Ancient Path (Book)

CODE: B062


(By Norman Willis)  A prophetic call to fathers and mothers of this world who are hearing a call to return to the ancient path of generational transfer


Vertical Reality (Book)

CODE: B061


(By Norman Willis)  A Daily Spiritual Encounter That Brings A Sharp Focus On Reality


Wind that Fans the Flame (Book)

CODE: B060

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(By Flo Ellers) Wind that Fans the Flame traces the roots of a stoic, Native American Indian woman raised in a subsistence lifestyle (living off the land) in the village of Klawock, Alaska. In her book, Flo chronicles the joys of her early childhood to the final trauma of a melancholy alcoholic and drug abuser. While in her dark cubicle in a psychiatric hospital, she had an encounter with the triumphant God of the universe who came to set her free from her bondages. After the Almighty brought healing and wholeness in her life, she received a prophetic word that she was to become a wind that would fan the flame of revival wherever she went. As you read this intriguing story, faith will be built in your heart that you, too, can triumph in all things.

Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America (Book)

CODE: B059

Book by Jesse Lee Peterson Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson lays bare the corrupt leadership, courageously taking aim at the biggest names”Jesse Jackson,... More

Dateline Jerusalem: An Eyewitness Account of Prophecies Unfolding in the Middle East (Book)

CODE: B058

(Book by Chris Mitchell) History ’ s final chapter will be written in Jerusalem. When an Iranian president thunders a... More

From Rage to Responsibilty (Book)

CODE: B057

Book by Jesse Lee Peterson Jesse Peterson shares his own experience and the devastation of absent fathers, pointing the way to a loving solution.... More

Prime Crimes: Treason in Libya (Book)

CODE: B056


Book by Stephen Pidgeon

Prime Crimes gives a detailed account of the treason committed in Libya by the Obama Administration, and includes the Strategic Goals of the Muslim Brotherhood for the United States, a Congressional letter to the director of National Intelligence concerning the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the White House, and a disclosure of the communications from Benghazi, including pleas from Ambassador Stevens for additional security help that went completely ignored by Obama. The state department disclosure is attached for easy reference. An alarming and compelling book. Prime Crimes documents the greatest acts of treason in America's history. A must read...


Once an Arafat Man: The True Story of How a PLO Sniper Found a New Life (Book)

CODE: B055


By Tass Saada with Dean Merrill
At age 17, Palestinian Tass Saada ran away to become a PLO sniper, onetime chauffeur for Yasser Arafat, and a Muslim immersed in anti-Israeli activity. As a man he moved to America, started a family, and eventually became a Christian. Then he risked retribution as he returned home to share his faith with his family and former boss. Once an Arafat Man is a story of the ultimate triumph of love over hatred, of reconciliation over divisions. It’s a story that can inspire us all to overcome the conflicts in our own lives.