Why Christians Get Sick

CODE: B084

by George Malkmus (Author), David E. Strong With a diagnosis of colon cancer, George Malkmus launched an intensive biblical and scientific search... More

What does it take?

CODE: B083

by Jack McKee (Author) What Does It Take? is a gripping account of what can happen when God takes a person from the indoor safety zone of what is... More

Dead Jew Walking: A Jewish Man's Journey from Death to Life

CODE: B081

by Hugh Nemets (Author), Anne Severance (Editor) Who am I? Why am I here? Does God exist, and if He does, why does He allow such great... More

A Smoldering Wick: A Vietnam Vet Chronicles His Life from Hell to Redemption

CODE: B082

by Ron Brandon (Author) A heart-wrenching story of countless escapes from death during the author's youth, combat, dangerous prisons, battles... More

The Science of Judgment (Book)

CODE: B054


(By Dr. Jonathan Hansen) God is predictable. There is scientific pattern for the rise and fall of nations throughout history. There are reasons and explanations why 9/11 and Katrina happened. As with all rules of laws from God, whether it be gravity, electricity, momentum, mathematics, or biological laws that govern diseases such as cancer, they are always true. We need to understand the laws, or the rules of design, regarding prophecy and judgment. Once we understand these God-given laws, then we can ignore denominational controversy and just accept the facts based on the Science of Judgment and prophecy. We become seekers of truth, for only truth makes up the law of judgment. In mathematics, four plus three equals seven, whether a student agrees or disagrees. Similarly, if there is a consistent interpretation of prophecy which follows God's laws of design, then whether one is a member of a certain denomination or not, the outcome remains the same. When it comes to the laws of judgment and prophecy, denominational or personal belief systems have nothing to do with the reality or the certainty of the rule of judgment. 


CODE: B001


A compilation of teaching on the apostate church and the solution. (By Dr. Jonathan Hansen)

Part 1 - Dietary Laws
Part 2 - God's Word Vs. The Pharisee's Law
Part 3 - The Real Story of Christmas
Part 4 - The Royal Law...Love
Part 5 - Is the Sabbath for Today?
Part 6 - Observing Appointed Times


Love My People - Timeless Secrets Volume 1 (Book)

CODE: B080

(By Dr. Jay Rawlings) Love My People: Timeless Secrets Volume 1 is the first in a current series by bestselling authors Jay and Meridel... More

Israel, the Nations and the Future? (Book & DVD)

CODE: B079

(By Dr. Jay Rawlings) Israel, the Nations and the Future? is part three of a four part TV series produced by Israel Vision in Jerusalem. Released... More

The Maker's Diet (Book) & Dr Hansen's 15 Pages of Scriptures on the Promises of God for Healing

CODE: B078

(By Jordan S. Rubin)  Are you looking for a health plan that is biblically based and scientifically proven? The Maker's Diet is just that. Using... More
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Christian Revival for Israel's Survival (Book)

CODE: B075

(By Victor Mordecai)  Christian America must come to the defense of Israel against Islamic domination.  Islam's Globalist allies are... More

Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat? (Book)

CODE: B074

(By Victor Mordecai)  Compelling proof that fanatic Islam is the major force of destabilization and threat to world peace. (277 Pages)... More

Return to Mecca (Book)

CODE: B073

(By Dennis Avi Lipkin A.K.A. Victor Mordecai)  Avi Lipkin reviews the Book of Exodus and other books of the Bible, as well as Josephus, Greek and... More

Islam Prophesied in Genesis (Book)

CODE: B072

(By Victor Mordecai) Avi Lipkin, in his 5th book, reviews eschatological aspects in the book of Genesis and finds striking suggestions that... More

Israel's Bible Bloc (Book)

CODE: B071

(By Dennis Avi Lipkin alias Victor Mordecai) A Jewish-Christian political party forming in Israel .  The Five Deceptions of... More

Islamic Threat Updates Almanac No. 1 5762 (Book)

CODE: B070

(By Victor Mordecai) Victor Mordecai's 3rd book published in 2003 providing new intelligence, private investigation and current events... More