"Champion Faith - The Goodness of God" - Restoration Ministries Church, Albuquerque, NM August 19, 2018 - Part 2

CODE: DVD100518


Co-host: Adalia Hansen - When God's sovereignty is revealed, then we need to accept it. We need our pride to get out of the way in order for God's Holy Spirit power to work through us. Adalia shares how God uses us to minister to people by His Spirit. Dr. Hansen tells how he has been identified as someone that is always singing or worshipping. We must always be quick to say we're sorry, especially to our spouses. David understood covenant principles. God is constantly preparing us for greater battles. We need to learn to forgive, even by the Holy Spirit. Unforgiveness, anger, jealousy and bitterness cause chemical imbalances within our minds that bring depression and self destruction. We have the answer to bring peace. When Goliath mocked and blasphemed God, David knew that God was seeking someone to execute His vengeance upon this heathen. God's method is a person and you can be that person. Go out to the world and communicate Jesus to the world around you. Adalia shares that in the spiritual realm; people can be bound by spiritual chains and cages. It's time to rise up and declare the Word of God as the Sword of the Spirit in prayer to free people and yourself from spiritual chains and cages. We need to declare and command things to happen through prayer. When Peter was in prison, the disciples were interceding through the night for his freedom. When a prophetic word is spoken over you, it's time to war spiritually for it. Satan heard it and he will try to prevent it from coming to pass. Adalia leads the church in worship before altar ministry. She leads in warfare prayer and follows the Spirit's leading in ministering to people in attendance. Photos of Dr. Hansen with some world leaders are shown.