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Dr. Ken Gaub - World Wide Ministries (4 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Prophecy to America with headline news - Traveled to over 100 nations with 125 tours to Israel alone - Pictures of Israel - Miracle telephone... More

Interview with Dr. Ron Charles - Author & Archaeological Missionary to Muslims (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - The lie of America's political stance on Islam; Political & Church leaders turn their backs on the persecuted Christians in Muslim countries.... More

Interview with Dr. Greg Romine of  Romine Ministries (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Tending the Tear in Society - A Word Given in Season - Ordinary Evangelists can be used by God. Part 2 - God will use us if we hold... More

Interview with Maria Lancaster; N.W. Rep for Embryo Adoption Awareness Campaign (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Embryo Adoption Awareness Campaign - The Lancaster's walk of faith toward receiving their child of promise - The moral and ethical... More

Mission Trip 2011 Kenya - Roll-ins: Comido Education Centre in Makuru Kwa Njenga Slum in Nairobi, Kenya and WMI's New Dental Clinic in Ngong, Kenya (DVD)

CODE: DVD012312


LIVE video of: Improvements WMI has helped make at Comido Education Centre in Makuru Kwa Njenga Slum, Nairobi, Kenya; WMI's new dental clinic in Ngong, Kenya. Guest in studio: Dr. Michael Hyodo.

WMI's Work at Mcedo School in Nairobi, Kenya's Mathare Slum - October 2011 (DVD)

CODE: DVD112811

LIVE video of: Mcedo School in Nairobi's Mathare slum and its surrounds; the school's new brick building, kitchen with new energy-saving ovens, desks and chairs, library with thousands of books donated by WMI, soccer equipment for nearly 500 children all developed with help from WMI; Interviews with the principal and a teacher.

Interview with Pastor Randy Bach - Worship Recording Artist and Author of the book "God's Realm of Faith" (DVD)

CODE: DVD080608

The Address of Faith - Living in 'Normal' Faith - Pastor Bach sings "God of My Heart". (30 min.) More

Interview with Megan Corcoran of Nightlight Christian Adoptions (DVD)

CODE: DVD091907

The Snowflakes Program Coordinator introduces the opportunity for embryo adoption. (30 min.)

The Love of Jesus Christ (8 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Guest: Rev. Dr. E.J. Buckardt - Ps 103:10-14; Heb 10:12-23; 2 Cor 5:21, Rom 6:18 - Many in the Church Today Suffer Condemnation - Maintain... More

Faith is Not Taking Risks - Interview with Rev. Dr. Selvan Davis (3 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Ezek 38:14-23 - Revival is Coming to the Arab Children of Abraham - Free Masons and Secret Societies are Controlling America. Part 2 -... More

God Can Use Anyone, God Can Use You - Interview with Nathan Moser (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Are You Willing to be Sent? - Man's Agenda Used for God's Glory - God is Looking for Availability - Talitha Hansen & Kareen... More

Interview with Maria Lancaster; Mother of Snowflake Baby Elisha (DVD)

CODE: DVD082907

The Lancasters explain embryonic stem cell research "bait & switch" tactic for human cloning. (30 min.) More

Eve Hope - Interview with Shawn Mullens (DVD)

CODE: DVD102706

Supporting Women in Asia, Russia & Africa Financially and Vocationally - Church Planting through Bringing Income. (30 min.)

Walking by Faith - Interview with Pastor Tom Isenhart (DVD)

CODE: DVD092906

Moving When God Tells You to Move - Trusting for God's Provision for Medically Frail Child - Training Up People to Give Them Away. (30 min.) More

Interview with Joe Gonzalez - Salem Communications (DVD)

CODE: DVD073106

A study of Jeremiah 23 & 25:1a - Words written on our heart become part of who we are. (30 min.)