Mission Trip 2011 Kenya - Roll-ins: Comido Education Centre in Makuru Kwa Njenga Slum in Nairobi, Kenya and WMI's New Dental Clinic in Ngong, Kenya (DVD)

CODE: DVD012312


LIVE video of: Improvements WMI has helped make at Comido Education Centre in Makuru Kwa Njenga Slum, Nairobi, Kenya; WMI's new dental clinic in Ngong, Kenya. Guest in studio: Dr. Michael Hyodo.

Avi Amzalag, General Manager, ARA Agricultural Industries, Ltd. and his wife Miriam - Growing Vegatables in the Negev Desert (DVD)

CODE: DVD032015

In studio Guest: Dr. EJ Buckardt - Israeli guest: Ye'shi Reinhardt - Dr. Hansen was met at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport at 2:20 AM by a... More

Vyrl Pember (Rev.), President of Integrity Plus (DVD)

CODE: DVD111912

Rev. Pember explains that Integrity Plus lowers merchant credit card rates and locks them in through Capitol Bank Card Services - Rev. Pember states that businesses can designate a portion of the savings as a donation to non-profit organizations such as ministries and churches - Dr. Hansen relates the need to raise millions of dollars every month to reach 2 billion people every time the "Warning" program airs and Rev. Pember's services can help reach them - Rev. Pember extols biblical principles that Holy Spirit led creativity can bless the Church and ministries financially - Dr. Hansen stresses the importance of financially backing/partnering with WMI to fight for our God-given freedom now while it still exists - Rev. Pember shares that he is looking for sales associates, to work for Integrity Plus, that want to bless ministries and non-profits like WMI

Interview with Dr. Greg Romine of  Romine Ministries (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Tending the Tear in Society - A Word Given in Season - Ordinary Evangelists can be used by God. Part 2 - God will use us if we hold... More

WMI's Work at Mcedo School in Nairobi, Kenya's Mathare Slum - October 2011 (DVD)

CODE: DVD112811

LIVE video of: Mcedo School in Nairobi's Mathare slum and its surrounds; the school's new brick building, kitchen with new energy-saving ovens, desks and chairs, library with thousands of books donated by WMI, soccer equipment for nearly 500 children all developed with help from WMI; Interviews with the principal and a teacher.

Pastor Nichad Salman, Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Bethlehem, Palestinian Authorities - The Need for a Medical Facility within Bethlehem (DVD)

CODE: DVD031315

In studio Guest: Dr. EJ Buckardt - Doctors Hansen and Buckardt met a Christian trained Muslim owner of a prominent hotel in Bethlehem whose original... More


CODE: DVD081804

The outpouring of the love of Christ as the dental outreach serves 321 Jamaican people in 4 days. (30 min.)

LIVE Radio Interviews with Apostle Dennis & Rev Marya Moore and Dr. Michael Hyodo (CD)

CODE: D574


Discussing Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, Orphans/Students, the Testimony of Pastor Mulinde and Extending the Kingdom of God - Dr. Hansen, Dr. Hyodo and Peggy Magnuson Discuss Their Mission Trip to Israel, April 2013

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Chaplain Andrew Yee, Senior Chaplain at Josephine in Stanwood, WA - Rev. Emmit Glanz, Founder and President of Mountain Top Ministries of Puget Sound - Prosper Ndabishuriye, Founder and General Coordinator of Youth in Reconstruction of a World in Destruction from Burundi (CD)

CODE: D607


Serving seniors and children with the love of Christ - Islam's five-fold steps to take over America - The Needs of Burundi and Teachers' Salary for three Months

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CODE: DVD110804

We are planting medical and dental clinics internationally, ministering to orphans and feeding the hungry. (30 min.)

Helping the Poor; Shawn Mullens - Eve Hope, Dr. Mike Hyodo (CD)

CODE: D317

Supporting Women in Asia, Russia & Africa Financially and Vocationally - Church Planting through Bringing Income.. (60 min.)
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Eve Hope - Interview with Shawn Mullens (DVD)

CODE: DVD102706

Supporting Women in Asia, Russia & Africa Financially and Vocationally - Church Planting through Bringing Income. (30 min.)


CODE: DVD082404

Scenes from the dental mission trip to Jamaica in July 2004. (30 min.)

Israel Trip January 2015 (DVD)

CODE: DVD040315

Dr. Hansen shares the whirlwind meeting schedule of his January 2015 Israel trip - Christians must do everything they can to be backers of Israel and... More

November 2014 Israel Mission Trip (DVD)

CODE: DVD122614

Guests: Rev. Dr. E.J. Buckardt and Dr. Michael Hyodo - Dr. Hansen reads a portion of a chronological listing of terror attacks against Israel since... More