The church's role today to influence governments - Bishop Dr. Geoffrey Njuguna, Founder/Senior Pastor, Deliverance Church Lang'ata in Nairobi, Kenya

CODE: 092719

The seven spheres that influence society are shared. Christians are to take dominion, be salt, occupy and make disciples of the inhabitants of the earth.... More

The Three Most Important Decisions in Life

CODE: 092019

All of us must love God with all our heart, then we can love all of our fellow man with forgiveness. Who will be the master of our lives? Will we permit... More

Humility and Spiritual Warfare

CODE: 091319

First principal of spiritual warfare is humility. The most important part of spiritual warfare is to humble ourselves. Submission and humility are a... More

Ben Sterciuc, Founder: Elevation Church, Vital Solutions and Elevation Champions Academy

CODE: 090619

Guest: WMI Benevolnce Director Dr. Michael Hyodo - Ben's ministry is very much like WMI in that he works to serve people in body, soul and mind.... More

The Faith Message

CODE: 083019

We need more teaching on faith till we raise people receiving from God what Christ provided for them. What people call radical today in the realm of... More

What to do with an Enemy and Faith Grows in Levels

CODE: 082319

God allows us to face the enemy because He knows we have the capability to face/defeat the enemy. King David is an extreme and supreme example of how to... More

Apostolic Leadership Demolishing Satan’s Tools for the Expansion of Kingdom Victories

CODE: 081619

Satan’s tools are for the prevention of kingdom victories. There are three areas that were essential for the first century revival; honesty,... More

“Faith is an Act” - Dr. Hansen with Apostle Roosevelt Muriel Martinez, Bogota, Colombia, June 22, 2019

CODE: 072619

Dr. Hansen teaches how the ten lepers were healed when they obeyed Jesus to go show themselves to the priests. Faith is an action word. If we have to see... More

“Faith is an Act” - Dr. Hansen with Pastor Andres Castro, Bogota, Colombia, June 21, 2019

CODE: 071919

God is the same as He is in the Bible and can put you in front of leaders. The offices of apostle and prophet are defined with their differences. Dr.... More

"The Missing Ingredient, Prayer and Fasting" - Anointed Ones Church of Deliverance International, April 13, 2019, with Apostle Ruth Peterson Part 2

CODE: 061419

We all allow the enemy to take advantage of us when we allow sin in our lives. America is ripe for judgment because of sin. The US Supreme Court has... More

A Cop for Christ

CODE: B090

by Mike DiSanza (Author) This title tells the dramatic true life story of Mike DiSanza, from his tough childhood among the gangs of New York... More

Pastor Francis Koriata, Kenya - Revival in the Massai Nation

CODE: 053119

Of the 42 tribes within Kenya, the Maasai are the warriors that the other tribes fear. There is a tremendous revival among the Maasai that is leading... More

Dr. Hansen shares the message "The Day of the Lord - Be Prepared" on Omega Man Radio program with Shannon Davis via LIVE stream on Skype Part 2

CODE: 052419

Dr. Hansen lists some of his recent prophetic newsletters. He reads his newsletter "Further Judgment Is Sure To Come On New York City." ... More

Dr. Hansen shares the message "The Day of the Lord - Be Prepared" on Omega Man Radio program with Shannon Davis via LIVE stream on Skype Part 1

CODE: 051719

Shannon shares how he found Dr. Hansen's "Warning" radio program and how it activated him into his own radio ministry. He is broadcasting... More

Apostle Bonifacio Chica, Cali, Colombia and Captain Milton Alvarez, International Evangelist - "God's Spirit Moving Moving Upon the Nations of the Earth"

CODE: DVD051019

Milton shares of several nations he has recently visited. Apostle Chica was born in Cali, Colombia and explains how revival is starting in the nation... More