Doug and Rene' Brecto - Multiple Sclerosis - The Promises of God, Divine Healing (DVD)

CODE: DVD100915

(30 min.)

"Living Faith" - Ron Marlow, a dying WMI volunteer staff member that yet portrays the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the character of God (DVD)

CODE: DVD100215

Dr. Hansen's brief testimony of God miraculously healing him of Pancreatitis, nodules on his lung, possible cancer cyst in his kidney and a swollen... More

Doug and Rene' Brecto - Choosing to Exhibit the Fruit of the Holy Spirit as Rene' Endures Multiple Sclerosis (God's Definition of Love and His Intention for Marriage) (DVD)

CODE: DVD052815

Recorded in the Brecto's Post Falls, Idaho home.  The Brectos were preparing to minister with a focus on marriage prior to Rene's... More

Apostle Reuben Esh, Founder of Beacon of Truth Ministries International - "Restoring Greatness to the Church" (DVD)

CODE: DVD051412

Dr. Hansen and Apostle Esh discuss what made the first century Church effective and the great need to restore that in the latter day Church - Apostle Esh expounds on the need to obtain the "like precious" faith - Apostle Esh expresses the arrogance of the American Church in believing trial and tribulation won't come upon them - The Church needs revelation of true grace and true faith for signs following the preaching of the Word - Great Grace, Great Fear, Great Conviction, Great Boldness, Great Power, Great Unity, Great Joy, Great Peace.

Interview with Pastor Randy Bach - Worship Recording Artist and Author of the book "God's Realm of Faith" (DVD)

CODE: DVD080608

The Address of Faith - Living in 'Normal' Faith - Pastor Bach sings "God of My Heart". (30 min.) More

Walking by Faith - Interview with Pastor Tom Isenhart (DVD)

CODE: DVD092906

Moving When God Tells You to Move - Trusting for God's Provision for Medically Frail Child - Training Up People to Give Them Away. (30 min.) More