Marriage & Family

2015 National Day of Prayer in Stanwood, WA: Dr. Hansen's Message and Prayer (DVD)

CODE: DVD060515

Dr. Hansen shares several headline news articles.  List of the top 50 Christian persecuting countries is shown.  The West and the United States... More

Doug and Rene' Brecto - Choosing to Exhibit the Fruit of the Holy Spirit as Rene' Endures Multiple Sclerosis (God's Definition of Love and His Intention for Marriage) (DVD)

CODE: DVD052815

Recorded in the Brecto's Post Falls, Idaho home.  The Brectos were preparing to minister with a focus on marriage prior to Rene's... More

Interview with Megan Corcoran of Nightlight Christian Adoptions (DVD)

CODE: DVD091907

The Snowflakes Program Coordinator introduces the opportunity for embryo adoption. (30 min.)

Interview with Maria Lancaster; Mother of Snowflake Baby Elisha (DVD)

CODE: DVD082907

The Lancasters explain embryonic stem cell research "bait & switch" tactic for human cloning. (30 min.) More


CODE: DVD101804

Will the Church take the responsibility to get involved to preserve traditional marriage in America?. (30 min.)