Willing to Die: The True Story of John Muntean (Book)

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(By John Muntean) Hope and freedom hang in the balance between the success and failure of one mans plan. John Muntean must succeed, or die trying.... More

Freedom Fighter (Book)

CODE: B069

( By Majed El Shafie ) Majed El Shafie was arrested, tortured, and sentenced to die after he converted from Islam to Christianity.  His... More

John Muntean, Author of the Book "Willing to Die", and His Son Ovie Give Testimony of the Harsh Treatment and Persecution They Endured and Fought to Flee (DVD)

CODE: DVD062714

John Muntean left Romania because the country's communist leader told him that because his family was Christian, his children have no chance there -... More

Majed El Shafie, Author of the Book and Movie "Freedom Fighter", Tortured and Sentenced to Die in Egypt (DVD)

CODE: DVD072514

Interviewed in Jerusalem During Feast of Tabernacles 2013 - Dr. Hansen shares about persecution and martyrdom that he and his family have endured for... More

Freedom Fighter (DVD)

CODE: FF Movie

Freedom Fighter is the story of Majed El Shafie. Born in Egypt to a prominent family, Majed converted from Islam to Christianity, and found his life... More

Rev. Dr. Dan Hammer, Senior Pastor Sonrise Christian Church in Everett, WA - The Goodness of God / Pastor Ben Sterciuc - Testimony of Romania / John Muntean and His Son Ovie, Escaped Romania with their family after the Communist Takeover, John Authored the book "Willing to Die" (CD)

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(60 min.)
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Ex-Muslim Sheikh and Islamic Terrorist Acid Attack Survivor, Pastor Umar Mulinde - Gospel Life Church International in Uganda, East Africa (DVD)

CODE: DVD082214

Pastor Umar Mulinde shares his testimony of being attacked by Muslim terrorists who twice threw acid on his face and back - Pastor Mulinde tells about... More

Timothy King, Co-Founder International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) (DVD)

CODE: DVD082914

Dr. Hansen interviews Timothy King in his Jerusalem, Israel home - Mr. King's testimony of how volunteering for a Billy Graham crusade led him to... More

2015 National Day of Prayer in Stanwood, WA: Dr. Hansen's Message and Prayer (DVD)

CODE: DVD060515

Dr. Hansen shares several headline news articles.  List of the top 50 Christian persecuting countries is shown.  The West and the United States... More

The U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling for Same-Sex Marriage with Mike Siegel Ph.D, J.D., Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host and Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Candidate for WA State Attorney General

CODE: DVD101615

Dr. Hansen reads excerpts from his newsletters "What the Founding Fathers Thought of Islam and Homosexuality" and "Toothless Eunuchs"... More

Evangelist Pastor Paulette Williams, Keys of the Kingdom Ministries and her husband Oris Williams from Honolulu, HI - Vision and The God in us and you (Visionary/Righteous man/Diplomat) / Dr. Bree Keyton, Bree Keyton Ministries - God's secret place; Prophetic revelation to Bree; Furor erupts over 'trans' male in female locker room

CODE: D669


Illegal Immigration and Racism in America with Mike Siegel Ph.D, J.D., Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host and Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Candidate for WA State Attorney General

CODE: DVD120415

If Jewish and Christian leaders don't put Judeo-Christian values into American society, the nation faces destruction and judgment - The aiding and... More

Supreme Court's Unlawful Authority - Loss of Liberty - Islamic Infiltration and Worldwide Jihad - Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Candidate for WA State Attorney General and Dr. Michael Hyodo, WMI Benevolence Director

CODE: DVD121115

Historically, the U.S. Supreme Court was never to have the power it has today - States are owed a great deal of money in gold, from the federal... More

Cannibalism of the Pygmies and the Scourge of Bitterness - Dr. Bree Keyton

CODE: DVD122515

Dr. Keyton shares how she has led nearly 70,000 Pygmies to Salvation in Jesus - It used to be just the Joseph Kony rebels on the D.R.C. that would hunt... More

Timothy Hurd from Oahu, Hawaii / Chaplain Sharon Dodge - Serenity Therapies / Dr. Hansen Interviewed LIVE on the Mike Siegel Show June 17, 2015

CODE: D670