Col. (Ret.) Moshe Leshem, Interviewed at his home in the settlement of Giv'on HaHadasha, Israel, Feb. 20, 2018

CODE: DVD042018


If Israel falls, the world will fall into a chaotic beast form of government. Col. Moshe describes the historical and Biblical significance of the area of Giv'on HaHadasha. He dwells in the Benyamin area of Israel. Col. Moshe shared how he came to have the name of Leshem. Col. Moshe speaks of his fulfilling his duty in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). He shares of service in the Israeli military, including wars and battles in which he fought. Col. Moshe gives God the glory for victories in Israel's wars. His family's path in moving to Israel during and after WWII is shared. He shares of a personal miracle of his life spared in war. The settlement he lives in is surrounded by hostile Arab villages and it is like a microcosm of the nation of Israel surrounded by the Islamic nations. We are first in a spiritual war: God v. Satan, good v. evil and good people v. evil people influenced by evil spirits. If Israel or America falls, the New World Order beast government will seize control of the world. Col. Moshe gave warning at a conference in Texas of a large attack on America by Muslims just prior to the 9/11 attack. Col. Moshe uses the story of Haman and Mordecai to describe how Iran seeks to destroy Israel. Photos of: Dr. Hansen attending the 2018 Night to Honor the Friends of Israel Banquet in Jerusalem; The Israeli settlement Giv'on HaHadasha and some of its surroundings; Maps of the region around Giv'on HaHadasha; The vestments to the Jewish High Priest; Israeli bridge across the Suez Canal during the 1973 Yom Kippur War; Newspaper headlines and map of the 1967 war; Map showing Israel surrounded by Muslim nations that seek her destruction; Newspaper headlines of 9/11 attack in NYC; Banner of an Islamic conference to honor the 19 9/11 attackers; Map showing the current range of Iranian ballistic missiles; Images depicting the Bible story of Haman and Mordecai. News articles: The Pentagon Breaks the Islam Taboo; Suicide bombers follow Quran, concludes Pentagon briefing; Look out, Iran leaders pave way for messianic 'Mahdi'; 1 common link among world's most brutal terrorists; "Islam is not even a religion; it is a social, political system that uses a deity to advance its agenda of global conquest"; 'Palestinian' School-Lessons: Muslin Children 'Shown How To Stab A Jew'; Trump Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel's Capital, Announces U.S. Embassy Move; Trump Announces Jerusalem as Capital of Israel and Orders the U.S. Embassy to Move - Fulfilling Another Promise to Evangelicals; Iran tests new ballistic missile: state media; Netanyahu: For Iran's Mullahs 'Israel Is The Small Satan and America Is The Great Satan'