Congregational Responsibilities (Covenant Relationship) Part 1

Congregational Responsibilities (Covenant Relationship) Part 1 (CD)

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Monday - Dr. Hansen confesses opening a door for attack upon his body – We have the responsibility to win nations for Christ – Our prayers are for the heavenly fight – Speak the Gospel against political correctness – Identifying congregational members.

Tuesday - Loyalty-responsibility to family, employer, congregation – America needs strong Judeo-Christian leadership; political correctness must be crushed to succeed – Public baptism declares faith in Christ and congregational membership – Marriage covenant.

Wednesday - Coming together with one goal and unity – Greater sense of anointing with more people gathered together in loyalty and unity – Commitment to attendance – Greater priority given to church activities – Commitment to congregation brings spiritual growth.

Thursday - Real spiritual strength will come when one will find his God given place in commitment and loyalty, and makes that affirmation – Corporal punishment brings a proper fear of God – Tithing: giving regular, major, undesignated portion of one’s finances.

Friday - Always giving tithes first shows trust in God – Giving tithes toward the regular budget shows covenant responsibility for financial support of a pastor and congregation – Freewill offerings and alms are over and above tithes – Major capitol donations.

(60 min.)