Congregational Responsibilities (Covenant Relationship) Part 2

Congregational Responsibilities (Covenant Relationship) Part 2 (CD)

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Monday - Members of a church or ministry are called to back the vision and help it come to pass - The faith of an 11 year old boy told by a soldier in public to deny Jesus or he would have his limbs chopped off - We will have to take a stand in the future.

Tuesday - The five types of giving are important if you want your prayers answered - Giving money into the kingdom is an expression of your heart commitment and a means to exercise dominion over greed and fear – 2 parts: Obedience to give and faith to receive.

Wednesday - Giving with the right heart and attitude - Importance of developing faith in God's provision - Spending wisely, God will not bless you so you can indulge in your selfishness.

Thursday - Understanding our position in government under God - When you unite under God’s vision there is a flow of unity - Unity is where growth takes place and prayers are answered – Your heart attitude can determine if you receive.

Friday - The more members have faith in their leaders the more the leaders feel relaxed and confident, hearing from God and pass it back to the congregation - Jesus could not pass much back in his hometown - Co-operative submission benefits everyone.

(60 min.)