Dan Matthews, Candidate for Congress, Washington State, 2nd Congressional District (DVD)

CODE: DVD102212


Dan graduated from University of Puget Sound with a degree in Political Science - He holds a Masters degree from Golden Gate University in Public Administration/Government - He served on a school board - Dan was a U.S.A.F. officer and pilot who flew in both Vietnam & Desert Storm - Dan and his wife Jan have been married 39 years and have four children and four grandchildren - Dan retired from the U.S.A.F. as a Lt. Colonel and three years ago retired as a commercial airline pilot for Northwest Airlines - Currently he is a pilot instructor in the 774-8 for the Boeing Company - U.S. founding fathers' views of Christianity and government - Map depicting U.S. land allocation under UN Agenda 21 program - Dan's testimony of his family Christian heritage - Candidate Matthews relates why he is running for Congressional office - Dan identifies God's leading to run for office - Dan's goals are to remain connected to his core values and to truly represent his district - Dan believes his opponent has under-represented the people - Dan is for Big Citizen and small government - Dan is against abortion calling it murder of children - News articles of: Obama declares America is 'no longer Christian'; Public schools distorting American history; U.S. Supreme Court ruling on behalf of UN instead of constitutional law

(30 min.)